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Surname Schäfersmeier - Meaning and Origin

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Schäfersmeier: What does the surname Schäfersmeier mean?

The last name Schäfersmeier is of German origin and it is derived from the personal name Schäfer, meaning “shepherd”, and Meier, meaning “mayor”. In traditional German culture, mayors and local authorities were usually responsible for organizing the community’s pastures, cattle, and other resources connected to animal husbandry. It is likely that a man named Schäfer (one who herds animals) also held the title of mayor, or Meier—hence, the name Schäfersmeier.

To many modern-day Germans, the name Schäfersmeier carries with it a sense of respect within the farming community. Specifically, somebody who carries the last name Schäfersmeier may be seen as wise and knowledgeable—a leader at heart. The surname may also suggest hard working tendencies and an agrarian way of life.

Additionally, the name Schäfersmeier may even symbolize a deep relationship with nature and the animals that inhabit it. Historically, it was likely that the role of a Schäfersmeier involved more than organizing pastures and livestock—it also included protecting and conserving the environment in which these animals traveled. Consequently, the surname may embody a primal, and deep appreciation for the natural world—characteristics such as calmness, patience, perseverance, and loyalty.

In sum, the last name Schäfersmeier symbolizes the importance of leadership, responsibility, hard work, and respect for the environment.

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Schäfersmeier: Where does the name Schäfersmeier come from?

The last name Schäfersmeier is a primarily German surname, originating from what was once the Holy Roman Empire. Today, it is most commonly found in Northern Germany, including the northern states of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. This surname is also found in regions of Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Austria, which have German-speaking populations.

In Germany, the last name Schäfersmeier is most widely found in the northern region. This is due in large part to the social and geographical movement of numerous German-speaking people who emigrated from the eastern parts of Germany to the Northwest in the mid-18th century. As well, many Germans living in Eastern Europe relocated to the West after the end of both World Wars. As a result, the last name has become more distributed throughout the country today.

In terms of population, the surname Schäfersmeier is not uncommon. It appears approximately 3,750 times in the current German telephone directory, which is a decent scatter throughout the northern German states. The top three cities in Germany with this surname are Hamburg (307 Schäfersmeiers), Berlin (128 Schäfersmeiers), and Dortmund (82 Schäfersmeiers).

The last name Schäfersmeier is not as widely spread outside of Germany, but it can be found in Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Austria. In the United States, this surname is mainly concentrated within the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, where it is believed that the first Schäfersmeier immigrants settled in the late 19th century.

Variations of the surname Schäfersmeier

The surname Schäfersmeier has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some of these variants and spellings include Schäffermeier, Schaeffermeier, Schafermeier, Schäffersmeier, Schafersmeier, and Schaefersmeier.

Schäfersmeier is a German surname meaning "shepherd master". It is derived from the German words "Schaefer" meaning shepherd, and "Meier" meaning master or steward. This suggests the original bearer of the surname was a master shepherd or steward of a flock.

Schäfersmeier is a very common German surname; as such, there are many people and families with this surname. Some families with the Schäfersmeier surname can be found in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and other European countries.

Variants of the Schäfersmeier surname include Schäffermeir, Schaffermayr, Schafersmeyer, Schaefersmyer, Schäffersmeir and Schaffersmeir. Other similar surnames include Schäfer, Schafer, Schaffer, Schaffers, Sheffer and Sheffers.

The Schäfersmeier name has been in use since at least the 1700s. Records show that Jacob Schäfersmeier was born in 1770 in Wittenbrücken, Germany. Today, there are likely tens of thousands of people around the world with this surname.

Famous people with the name Schäfersmeier

  • Conrad Schäfersmeier, composer and music director.
  • Nico Schäfersmeier, drummer and composer.
  • Uwe Schäfersmeier, German football player.
  • Ali Schäfersmeier, tennis player.
  • Klaus Schäfersmeier, German singer and songwriter.
  • Barbara Schäfersmeier, singer and recording artist.
  • Manfred Schäfersmeier, German actor.
  • Mathias Schäfersmeier, drummer and percussionist.
  • Friedrich Schäfersmeier, German mathematician.
  • Jan Schäfersmeier, German sculptor.
  • Hermann Schäfersmeier, German painter and draftsman.
  • Waltraud Schäfersmeier, German singer and backing vocalist.
  • Karl Schäfersmeier, German scholar and alchemist.
  • Walter M. Schäfersmeier, German botanist.
  • George Schäfersmeier, German actor.
  • Werner Schäfersmeier, German music educator.
  • Marike Schäfersmeier, Dutch painter.
  • Adolf Schäfersmeier, German architect.
  • Andreas Schäfersmeier, German film director.
  • Dorothea Schäfersmeier, German photographer.

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