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Surname Schäferle - Meaning and Origin

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Schäferle: What does the surname Schäferle mean?

The last name Schäferle is a German surname with roots primarily in the southern region of Germany. The literal English translation is “shepherd” or “shepherdess,” indicating that the family most likely originated as professional shepherds or herders. Historically, farmers relied heavily on the work of shepherds to protect their animals and ensure that their herds stayed healthy and true. The Schäferle family was likely amongst the first to use this line of work, therefore establishing a long lineage of Schäferles.

The surname is derived from the German word for shepherd, which is “Schäfer”. The “le” at the end of the name is a common German suffix for male gender, hence “Schäferle”. This is why the surname often remains intact when passed down through different generations. The “le” is a common feature found in many German surnames and is often indicative of a love story. It typically indicates the surname was adopted after a man married a woman with a different last name.

The Schäferle family could be said to embody the spirit of German culture, with their traditional occupation of shepherding. Many ancient German settlements were established along riverways, where the shepherds of the Schäferle family lived and worked. These Shepherd's Guilds are still found today in parts of Germany and Austria, carrying on the Schäferle tradition. Whether the Schäferle family still actively practices shepherding or not is unknown, but the name itself will always carry with it a sense of history and tradition.

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Schäferle: Where does the name Schäferle come from?

The last name Schäferle is most common today in Germany and Austria. It is also found in some parts of Switzerland, as well as in parts of the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The name translates to "shepherd’s" in English, and is believed to have originated in the region of Bavaria. It is thought to have been derived from the German word 'Schaefer', which originally referred to someone who worked in a shepherding or agricultural role.

In German-speaking nations today, the name is still commonly used as a surname. It is often used as a surname for farmers and other agricultural workers in rural areas.

It is less common in the United States, Canada and Australia, however, it can still be found in the occasional family. Most people in these countries carrying the name are either descendants of German immigrants or from families who have retained the name.

The closest spelling to Schäferle is probably “Schaeffer” or “Schaeffler”. It is also fairly common for the name to be shortened to 'Schaffer' or 'Schaffrath'.

Variations of the surname Schäferle

The Schäferle surname has a rich history which can be traced back to its German origin. The origin of the surname comes from the German word 'schäfer', meaning 'shepherd'. Variant spellings and surnames of the same origin are Schäffer, Schaffer, Schaefers, Schaeffer, Schaeffers, Schaefer, Schafer, Schafers, Schaferle, Schaefler, Schäferer, Scheefler, Schieferle, Schiefers, Schieferle, Schiefeler, Scheefeler, Schiefele, and Schiefel.

Variants of Schäferle can also be found in other countries or regions, such as Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, or the Czech Republic. In many places, the variation of the surname is determined by the dialect of the region. For example, 'Schäferle' may be referred to as 'Schaeffer' in some German-speaking areas.

Surnames derived from professions are common and it is not unusual for people to change their surname over the course of their lives or even within their family. As such, different branches of the same family may carry different spellings of the same surname.

The Schäferle surname was first found in Austria when a Christian Schäfler was mentioned in a document which dates back to 1220. The same document also notes 'christof scheffere', which also implies the use of the surname in the same area as early as this date.

Other variants are found in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, such as 'schaeffler', 'schaffler' or 'schaiefer', as well as numerous other variations.

Overall, the Schäferle surname has many variants and spellings that can trace back to its German origin. From Schäfler or Schäferle to Schaeffler, Schaffler, Schaiefer or other variants, the various spellings can be found in many different countries and regions.

Famous people with the name Schäferle

  • Athlete Annett Schäferle: She is a German high jumper and the holder of the German indoor high jump record, jumping 2.00 metres in February 2020.
  • Matthias Schäferle: He was a Swiss painter who is mostly known for his still lifes and landscapes of the 19th century.
  • Robert Schäferle: He is a former German ice hockey goaltender who was part of the West German Ice Hockey team at the 1984 Winter Olympics.
  • Stefan Schäferle: He is a German politician for the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and is currently serving as an MP in the Bundestag since 2017.
  • Viktor Schäferle: He was a German physician and writer from Munich, who is known today for his travelogues and artwork depicting daily life on the Pacific Northwest coast.
  • Karl Friedrich Schäferle: He was a German zoologist who studied the biology of crustaceans and published works regarding the subject.
  • Franz Schäferle: He was a painter and graphic artist from the German state of Baden-Württemberg, known mostly for his landscape and animal motives.
  • Uwe Schäferle: He is a military pilot for the German Air Force and is currently serving as a squadron commander.
  • Karl Gustav Schäferle: He was an Austrian composer, conductor and organist, who worked for churches in Vienna and Graz and composed many religious and liturgical works.
  • Fritz Schäferle: He was a Swiss football player and rated one of the most intelligent players in the Swiss Super League. He played for various Swiss clubs, including FC Basel, FC Luzern, FC Chur and FC Lucerne.

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