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Surname Schäfertöns - Meaning and Origin

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Schäfertöns: What does the surname Schäfertöns mean?

The last name Schäfertöns is a rare German surname, with roots from the Middle Ages. It is derived from the Old German words Schäfer, which means shephard or shepherd, and Töns, which is a derivative of the German word ‘tone’ meaning sound or tone. Together, it means ‘shepherd's tone’ or ‘shepherd's song’. This indicates that the people with this name are descended from a time when shepherds were a common occupation in the country.

The earliest records of this family name date back to the 14th century in Germany where Schäfertöns was the name of a family of shepherds and farmers in the northern parts of Germany. It is also known as a habitation surnames, which means that the name was derived from a location or region in which the first families using this name were located. It is believed that Schafertöns refers to those who lived near a shepherd’s tone, likely created by a shepherd playing a flute or other musical instrument as part of his daily activities.

This last name has also been found in other countries, including Romania, where it was spelled Schäfertons or Schäfertun. Here it was used as a surname among Romanian peasants.

Overall, the last name Schäfertöns has a long history, having been used for centuries by the German, Romanian, and other European populations. Its origin reflects an important part of the history of Europe, with shepherds forming such a prominent role in medieval times.

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Schäfertöns: Where does the name Schäfertöns come from?

The last name Schäfertöns is most commonly found in Germany and Austria. This name is derived from the Middle High German word Schafer, which means shepherd. It is believed that the original Schäfertöns family was descended from herdsmen or shepherds who had moved to the areas of Germany and Austria.

More recently, the last name Schäfertöns has been found primarily in Germany and Austria. In Germany, the prevalence of this surname is greatest in the states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Schleswig-Holstein, where it is most likely associated with its rural roots.

In Austria, the name is common in the states of Tyrol, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna, and Carinthia, especially in villages and small towns. In some parts of Austria, as with other Old Germanic names, it has been replaced with newer, less German-sounding surnames, due to the country's post-war efforts to make Germanic last names more acceptable.

Outside of Germany and Austria, the Schäfertöns surname has been spread throughout Europe, particularly thanks to Germany and Austria's extensive emigration records. It can also be found in the United States and Canada, although not as much as in Germany, Austria, and other parts of Europe.

Overall, the Schäfertöns surname is most common today in Germany and Austria, as well as other parts of Europe and elsewhere, due to their extensive emigration records. Simply put, this uncommon Germanic last name has stood the test of time right up to this day.

Variations of the surname Schäfertöns

The name Schäfertöns is of German origin, and can have a number of variants and spellings depending on where it originated and how it changed over time. Generally, the name has three main spellings: Schäfertöns, Schäfertönz, and Schäfertönze.

Schäfertöns is the most common spelling of the surname. It is derived from the German language and is the plural form of a word which means ‘shepherd’ or ‘herder’. It is usually used in its original spelling in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other areas of German-speaking Europe.

The second spelling, Schäfertönz, is derived from German and is the singular form of the word which means the same as the plural. It is a more uncommon spelling, as it is rarely used outside of Germany.

The third and final spelling, Schäfertönze, is derived from the Dutch language and is the plural form of the word which translates into English as ‘shepherd’ or ‘herder’. It is commonly used in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the German-speaking regions of Switzerland.

For those of German or Dutch descent, the surname might have also undergone a spelling change over the years due to several dialects being spoken throughout Europe. As such, there could be various other variations of the name such as Schaeffertönse, Schaeffertöns, Schaefferteonze, and Schaeffertőnze.

In addition, over time the surname might have mutated into other related surnames, such as Schäfers, Schäfersfer, Schäffer, Schäffler, Shäfler, Scheffler, Scheffert, Scheffers, and Töne. These can all be traced back to the same root and meaning of ‘shepherd’ or ‘herder’.

Famous people with the name Schäfertöns

  • Albrecht Schäfertöns: German politician and Member of the European Parliament.
  • Alexis Schäfertöns: German high-profile lawyer.
  • Broder Schäfertöns: German actor, known for his role in the movie “Der Eismann”.
  • Cornelius Schäfertöns: German-Dutch bishop in the 15th century.
  • Dieter Schäfertöns: German lawyer and politician, Vice President of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Dirk Schäfertöns: German actor, producer and director.
  • Günther Schäfertöns: German sculptor.
  • Heinrich Schäfertöns: Austrian opera singer.
  • Johann Schäfertöns: German mathematician and physicist.
  • Jozef Schäfertöns: Dutch painter.
  • Karsten Schäfertöns: Former East German javelin thrower.
  • Peter Schäfertöns: German actor, known for his part in the movie “Das Boot”.
  • Ralf Schäfertöns: German businessman, co-founder of the German food chain Edeka.
  • Sophie Schäfertöns: German Olympic sprinter.
  • Wilhelm Schäfertöns: German physicist and professor at the University of Bremen.

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