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Surname Schollmayer - Meaning and Origin

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Schollmayer: What does the surname Schollmayer mean?

The German surname Schollmayer is derived from the Old Germanicular word scho, meaning shoemaker. It is indicative of the family’s original profession and is believed to have first been used by individuals who made and repaired shoes for a living. It is thought that the name first originated in Bavaria or elsewhere in the German-speaking regions of Europe. The earliest known record of the surname was in 1199 when one Conradus Scholegesmuothe was mentioned in Breslau, Silesia, now Wroclaw in modern-day Poland.

The surname Schollmayer can also have religious significance as the word comes from the name of a church which was located inHamelin, Germany whose patron saint was St. Kolman. It was eventually adopted as a surname by those who lived near the church.

The Schollmayer surname can be found today not only in Germany, but also in countries throughout Europe such as Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. It is also found across the Atlantic in countries where German immigrants settled such as the United States, Canada and, to a lesser extent, Brazil.

The Schollmayer family today can trace its proud history back to shoemakers of Germany. From humble beginnings, the Schollmayer name has spread across the world and is still held in high esteem today.

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Schollmayer: Where does the name Schollmayer come from?

The last name Schollmayer is most commonly found in parts of Europe. The vast majority of people with this last name are located in Germany. In fact, a search on reveals that over 95 percent of people with this last name are from Germany. It is likely that the name originates from that country.

Within Germany, Schollmayer is found mainly in the southern region of Bavaria, as well as the states of Thuringia, Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Hesse. The highest concentration of this name can be found in the city of Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

The name is also found in smaller numbers throughout the United States, with the majority of those living in California, Texas, Michigan, and New York. Canadian records also show a largely German-based population of Schollmayers.

Overall, the Schollmayer name is still a relatively rare surname, likely inherited from ancestors who originated in Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Those with the last name today can be proud of their rich German heritage.

Variations of the surname Schollmayer

The surname Schollmayer is a German name derived from two words: "scholle", meaning "dish" or "platter", and "mayer", meaning "table". Alternate spellings of the surname Schollmayer include Schöllmayer, Schulmayer, Schullmayer, Schölmayer, and Schalimayer.

Variant surnames of Schollmayer can be found both in Germany and Austria, and include Scheulmayer, Schill, Schollmeyer, Schoelmaier, Scholmaier, Schollmaier, Schulmaier, Schaumayer, Schaulemaier, Schaulmaier, Schullemayer, Schulmaier, Schlalermayer, and Schlemayer. In some cases, the descriptive prefixes "von" or "zu" may appear ahead of the surname.

There are also variant surnames related to Schollmayer that appear in other German-speaking countries, such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, and Israel. These variants include Schollmajer, Scholmajer, Scholmajr, Schellmayer, Skemayer, Schemlmayer, and Schullmajer.

In addition, the surname Schollmayer can manifest as a patronymic name throughout Germany, as many people began using their father's name as a surname. Patronymic surnames associated with Schollmayer that are still seen today include Schollmäyers, Schollmaiers, Schollmayors, and Schollomayors.

Some of these variant surnames can also be found spelled as Schöllmeyers, Schulmers, Schulmeyers, Scholllingers, Schöllmings, Schulmeyers, Schoxls, Schulmles, Schölmlers, Schömmlers, Schulores, and Schömlingers.

Famous people with the name Schollmayer

  • Simon Schollmayer (Austrian politician affiliated to the Austrian People's Party).
  • Robert Schollmayer (Austrian writer, active during the early 20th century).
  • Michael Schollmayer (German Art historian, person in charge of numerous exhibitions in Vienna).
  • Maximilian von Schollmayer (Austrian lawyer, serving as head of the office of the Austrian Ministry of Justice).
  • Willi Schollmayer (German former footballer, playing the roles of central midfielder and left-back).
  • Eugen Schöllmayer (Austrian composer and conductor, composing vocal and instrumental music).
  • Helmut Schollmayer (Austrian painter, author of surrealist works).
  • Bernd Schollmayer (German former footballer, making a notable contribution to Borussia Mönchengladbach success in the Bundesliga).
  • Jakob Schollmayer (Austrian painter, specializing in landscapes).
  • Johann Schollmayer (Austrian classical composer and opera director, active during the late 17th century).

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