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Surname Schreibers - Meaning and Origin

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Schreibers: What does the surname Schreibers mean?

The last name Schreibers is a German name which literally translates to ‘scribe’ in English. It is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages and refers to someone who was a scribe, or a professional writer. As a result, Schreibers families were often used by medieval kings and lords to keep records and document their edicts and orders.

Today, the surname Schreibers is still common in Germany, as well as several other European countries, and is found in both the United States and Canada. Many of the Schreibers in America and Canada are descendants of German immigrants who traveled to North America in the 19th century.

The Schreibers family have made their mark over the centuries by achieving academic success, running successful businesses, and excelling in the military and political sectors. The most well known Schreibers in history is likely the Roman Emperor Otto Schreibers, who reigned from 450 to 461 CE.

In general, the Schreibers family has been known for its intelligence, ambition, and strong spirit. People with the last name Schreibers often embody the values of hard work, ambition, and family. This, combined with their dedication to education and innovation, has enabled them to make a positive impact on their communities, and indeed the world.

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Schreibers: Where does the name Schreibers come from?

The last name Schreibers is of German origin and is common mainly in Germany today. It is also found in other German-speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland, as well as other countries with German speakers such as Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. There are also instances of Schreibers in other European countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, and France due to migration and emigration in past centuries.

The Schreibers family can be traced back as far as the Middle Ages, when the name was first found in the region of Bavaria. During the 19th century, the surname spread across Germany, but predominately stayed in the Southern region of Germany. As part of the wave of German immigrants that arrived in the U.S., Schreibers families can now also be found in the United States, although in much smaller numbers compared to Germany.

Outside of Germany, the Schreibers name appears more in countries with a recent German diaspora, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The family is believed to have arrived in the U.S. in the mid-19th century, settling mainly in the Midwestern region, and in the U.K., it is more common in the city of Stoke.

In short, the Schreibers surname is still most commonly found in Germany today, but it is also present in many other countries due to migration and emigration throughout the centuries.

Variations of the surname Schreibers

The surname Schreibers is a German toponymic name derived from the word "Schreiber" which means a scribe or a secretary. It is known by various different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin:

Schriber – A variation of Schreiber; may be found as Schrepr, Schreiper or Schryber

Schreiber – The most common spelling of the name, may also be spelled Schryber, Schriber, Schreper or Schreyber

Schreipers – Alternate version of the surname that was used historically

Schreyber – Another variation of the name, originally derived from the word “schrieben”

Schryber – A variation of the name found mostly in central Europe

Shriber – An Americanized spelling of the name

Sryber – Another variation of the surname found primarily in North America

In addition to the above variants, Schreibers surname has many other spellings, including Schreyber, Schryber, Schriber, Schreepers, Shriber, Schriper and Sryber.

The Schreibers family has expanded all over the world, resulting in branches in different countries, many of which have slightly different spellings or versions of the original surname. For example, in Spain, the Schreibers family is known as Escriba, in Italy the name is spelled Scriva, and in France as Ecriva.

Overall, Schreibers is a common German surname with many distinct spellings and variations, all with the same origin. Depending on the region and language, the same surname can take many forms, making it a great example of a family that has changed and adapted over the years, while maintaining its original roots.

Famous people with the name Schreibers

  • Peter Schreiber: renowned German abstract Expressionist painter.
  • Tori Schreiber: professional American soccer player.
  • Gaby Schreiber: German stage, film and television actress.
  • Jessica Schreiber: American pop and country music singer/songwriter.
  • Patrick Schreiber: German entrepreneur and executive.
  • Becki Schreiber: renowned American ice skater.
  • Christian Schreiber: award-winning German actor.
  • Paul Schreiber: prominent German actor, composer, and researcher.
  • Guido Schreiber: Dutch artist and sculptor.
  • Arne Schreiber: American television producer and director.
  • David Schreiber: American cinematographer.
  • Thorsten Schreiber: noted German architect and designer.
  • Jeffry Schreiber: American entrepreneur and businessman.
  • Hermann Schreiber: German diplomat and politician.
  • Roderick Schreiber: American comedy writer.
  • William Schreiber: German philologist and author.
  • Helmut Schreiber: celebrated Austrian actor.
  • Estelle Schreiber: French actress and director.
  • Edgar Schreiber: renowned German author and screenwriter.
  • Vivian Schreiber: American theatre actress and illusionist.

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