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Surname Stack - Meaning and Origin

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I. Stack

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Stack: What does the surname Stack mean?

The surname Stack is of Irish origin derived from the Old Gaelic "Stac", which means a pinnacle or a stack of hay or corn. This surname is primarily associated with the Irish counties of Kerry and Limerick. The surname initially started as a nickname for a tall, tower-like individual, and later gradually became a last name for the descendants. In the early development of surnames, occupations, habitation, and nicknames were the most common sources of surnames, and Stack falls into the nickname category. As with many surnames, the exact origins can be somewhat blurred due to the passage of time, regional variations in spelling, and the transcription of the name from Gaelic to English. Over centuries, it has many variations such as Stacke, Stacks, Stackman, etc. To this day, the name is quite popular in Ireland, marking the strong cultural influence it has maintained.

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Stack: Where does the name Stack come from?

The surname Stack is a popular surname throughout the English-speaking world. It originated in Anglo-Saxon England, and is thought to derive from either the translation of an Old English word place name, such as Staec, or a nickname for someone who stockpiled weapons or goods.

The majority of modern-day people with the Stack surname can be found in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In Ireland, the Stack surname can be traced back to County Cork and County Tipperary, while in the United Kingdom it can be found primarily in Lancashire, Gloucestershire, and London. In the United States, the Stack surname is particularly common in the south central states of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

The Stack surname is also common in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In Canada, it is most commonly found in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. In Australia, the surname is most populous in Victoria and New South Wales. In New Zealand, the Stack surname is found particularly among those with Irish backgrounds.

While widely distributed throughout the English-speaking world, the Stack surname is especially associated with Ireland, where it is one of the country's most popular surnames. It is thought to have been first adopted by travelers journeying to the Isles of Britain from Ireland.

Variations of the surname Stack

The surname Stack is a surname of Irish origin that derives from the Gaelic word ‘staic’. It is believed to be from an old Gaelic word meaning ‘a large tree’. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Stack include but are not limited to: Stac, Stacke, Stackes, Stacle, Stackell, Stacoe, Stacky, Stackle and Stakk.

The Stack surname is also found in Scotland and was brought there by Irish emigrants. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Stack include Stac, Stacke, Stackell, Stacoe, Stackeyes, Stacky, Stackle, and Stakk. In Scotland the Stack surname is also spelled Stacks, Stackes, Stakes, Staqh, and Staik.

The Stack surname is also found in Wales, and there the variants and spellings include Stak, Staac, Stacc, Stacke, and Starc. In Wales the surname may also be found under the spelling Stackewal, Stacwal, and Starcwal.

The Stack surname is found in England, and the variants and spellings are Stace, Staec, Stacke, Stackell, Stacoe, Stacky, Stackle, and Stakk. In England particular areas where the surname is popular are Yorkshire, Lancashire, Huntingdon, and Cambridgeshire.

The Stack surname is also found in Germany, where it is spelled Stacke and is derived from colonists from Ireland. The German variants and spellings are Staki, Stacke, Stackey, Stacek, Stacki, Stakk, and Staeck.

By migrating to various countries, the Stack surname has developed many variant spellings and other versions. Each nation has its own way of spelling words, and the Stack surname is no exception. No matter how it is spelled, however, all of these surnames are derived from the same Gaelic source and represent a shared heritage.

Famous people with the name Stack

  • Paul Stack: Irish sports journalist and author.
  • Alleyne Fitzherbert, 1st Baron St helper: British army officer who served in the Crimean War and was later a Tory politician.
  • Edward Property Stack: British artist and member of the Royal Academy.
  • Matt Stack: American actor, comedian, and children's television presenter.
  • Virginia Stack: first daughter of Virginia Climber Stack, an American actress, singer, and activist.
  • Mia Stack: American actress, model, and dancer.
  • Donald R. Stack: American business executive and philanthropist.
  • Patrick Stack: Irish politician and County Councillor of Cork.
  • Allen Stack: United States Olympic swimmer and world record holder.
  • Maggi Stack: English author and TV presenter.
  • Robert Stack: American film, television, and stage actor.
  • Lavelle Stack: American basketball player and Hall of Fame inductee.
  • Edward Stack: American entrepreneur and leader of the Dick’s Sporting Goods chain of stores.
  • Donal Stack: Irish politician who served as the Mayor of Galway from 2002 to 2006.
  • Walt Stack: American Olympic pole vaulter and world record holder.
  • Brian Stack: American actor, comedian, writer, director, and comedian.

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