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Surname Stackhaus - Meaning and Origin

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Stackhaus: What does the surname Stackhaus mean?

The surname Stackhaus is of German origin and is a variant of the surname Stackhouse. The name is likely locational or topographical, meaning that it was originally given to someone based on their location or geographical features of their territory.

In German, "Stack" or "Stake" could potentially refer to a pile or stack, while "Haus" means "house". So, the name Stackhaus might originally refer to a house characterized by certain features such as a pile or stack, possibly relating to a storage method or local architectural style.

However, the exact origin of the surname Stackhaus may vary based on regional linguistic differences and historical contexts, and it’s important to remember that surnames can have multiple meanings and origins. Therefore, an individual genealogical research would present more accurate origins and meanings pertaining to specific families.

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Stackhaus: Where does the name Stackhaus come from?

The last name Stackhaus is relatively uncommon today and is primarily found in Germany and in parts of the United States.

In Germany, the surname is found in many of its 16 federal states but is especially common in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, and Lower Saxony. Stackhaus is originally derived from the Middle High German "Stachus" which is a reference to a log stack found near a settlement.

In the US, Stackhaus is mainly seen in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland although it can also be found in other states that had high levels of German immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The presence of Stackhaus in these states reflects the significant German immigration to depopulated areas that followed the American Revolution, as well as the large numbers of religious and political refugees who arrived in the mid to late 1800s.

Other countries where Stackhaus is found but at a much lower frequency are Canada and the United Kingdom. In England, the Stackhaus family originated from Huguenot refugees who settled in Soho, London in the late 1700s.

In conclusion, Stackhaus is a relatively uncommon surname today that is prominently found in Germany along with parts of the United States such as Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Variations of the surname Stackhaus

Stackhaus is a German surname, derived from the word ‘stack’ which means a ‘heap’ or ‘pile’, and ‘haus’ which means ‘house’. Possible variants, spellings and surnames for Stackhaus with the same origin include Stackhouse, Steckhaus, Steckehaus, Steckhäuser, Steckehause, and Stäckhaus.

The name is also found in parts of Austria, and in some cases, such as in the Austrian regions of Vorarlberg and Salzburg, the spelling in these regions is Stäckhause. Other spellings found include Stäckhaus, Stekhaus, and Stackhauser.

In some cases, the surname is derived from a person’s trade or profession, such as a wainwright or a wheelwright. In this case, the surname could be listed as Steckhaus, Steckhäuser, Steckehaus, or Steckehause, depending on the region it originated from.

In other cases, the surname is derived from a family who lived in an area that had a ‘stack’ of trees or bushes in or around the home. This would produce the variant Stackhouse.

The Stackhaus surname has been adopted in various forms in several countries throughout Europe and the United States. There is also a Stackhaus surname found in Australian records, and the spelling is most frequently listed as Stackhouse.

Famous people with the name Stackhaus

  • Jennifer Stackhouse: American actress, best known for her roles in films such as Don't Say a Word, Morning Glory, and modern-day TV shows such as The Mindy Project.
  • Sarah Stackhouse: American figure skater who won the bronze medal at the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships.
  • Austin Stackhouse: American professional football player for San Diego Chargers in the NFL.
  • Richard Stackhouse: American Emmy Award-winning television journalist, best known for his work on the TV series, 20/20 and for anchoring various news and magazine programs on Fox News Channel and CBS News.
  • Jacob Stackhouse: American writer, poet and painter, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1989.
  • Emily Stackhouse: American singer and songwriter, known for her folk-style rock and performances at the Newport Folk Festival and the Austin City Limits Festival.
  • Charlotte Stackhouse: American model and actress, known for her work in small roles in Agent Cody Banks and Van Wilder.
  • Henry Stackhouse: British-born Australian comedian, who starred in numerous British television shows such as Fresh Meat and About a Boy.
  • Nico Stackhouse: American engineer and physicist, adjunct professor at Princeton University and inventor of the vacuum fluorescent display.
  • Samantha Stackhouse: London-based fashion designer who specializes in casual and smart-casual wear.

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