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Surname Still - Meaning and Origin

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B. Still

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Still: What does the surname Still mean?

The surname Still is of early medieval English origin. It may derive from the Old English pre 7th Century "stille," meaning quiet or calm, used as a nickname for a gentle, unassuming, or reserved individual. Alternatively, it may come from the Middle English "stil(l)," denoting a calm or tranquil place, and thus used as a topographic name for someone who lived in such a place. It can also be a metonymic occupational name for a distiller, from Middle English "still," a distilling apparatus. Variations of the surname include Stillar, Stiller, Stillman, and Stillmann. The name first appeared in church records in the 13th Century. Note that meanings of surnames can vary based on their geographic and historical context, so this information should be taken as a general guide rather than a precise definition.

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Still: Where does the name Still come from?

The Still last name is an old Anglo-Saxon name that originated from the pre-7th century word “stille” which meant "still" or "silent". It is believed that the name was derived from a nickname, referring to a quiet and contemplative person, or to someone who was good at keeping a secret.

The Still last name is still very common today, with many bearing the name either as a first or a last name. It is estimated that the Still surname is among the top 1000 surnames and is most common in the United States. Due to its simple spelling, the Still last name has remained popular throughout the years and is found in various locations throughout the world.

Indeed, many Still families are scattered across the United States today, with some of the most concentrated populations located in Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. There are also other parts of the world where the Still last name is common, such as England, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The Still surname has likely been adopted by many other cultures and contexts around the world. For example, it is possible that one of the earliest occurrences of the Still surname was when settlers moved from England to America and adopted the name as a sort of homage to their English heritage.

Ultimately, the Still surname is still common today, and its old Anglo-Saxon roots remain intact. Its simple spelling and wide geographical distribution keep the name alive and in circulation—a testament to its longevity and popularity throughout the years.

Variations of the surname Still

The surname Still is of German origin and is an occupational surname, denoting someone who worked in an area related to stationary objects or machines. As an occupational name, it is derived from the old English word “stille”, meaning “stillness”. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Still are:



















The German surname Stilling is also said to be related to the Still surname. It is derived from the words “Low German”, meaning “low people”, and “stelle”, meaning “post” or “position”.

Other related names from around the world include:

Irish – Styne, Steine

Dutch – Stel, Stell

Scandinavian – Stol, Stöl

English – Steele, Stiles

Polish – Sztolcman

Irish/Scottish – Stowell

French – Ostel

Italian – Stella

Spanish – Estella

Italian – Stelleto

All of the original spellings of these names indicate or suggest a variation on the word “still”, that is, an occupation or position related to stationary objects or machines. The present-day spelling of the surname Still is the most common spelling found in the U.S., but it is important to note that all of the above variants, spellings, and surnames are related in some way to the still surname.

Famous people with the name Still

  • Dee Dee Still, American professional wrestler
  • Jacob Still, American basketball player
  • John Still, English footballer
  • Robert Still, English composer
  • Will Still, American sprinter
  • Lamar Still, American singer-songwriter
  • Jack Still, American film director
  • Oliver Still, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Paul Still, Australian disc jockey
  • Ray Still, American trumpeter
  • Rosalie Still, American visual artist
  • Richard Still, Australian artist
  • Tom Still, American novelist
  • Brian Still, American actor
  • Jessica Still, American model
  • Andrew Still, American football player
  • James Still, American playwright
  • Carlos Still, American writer
  • Justin Still, American boxer
  • Clarence Still, American hip hop artist

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