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Surname Stille - Meaning and Origin

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Stille: What does the surname Stille mean?

The last name Stille is of German origin, derived from the Middle High German word 'stille', which means 'quiet' or 'calm'. It was likely a nickname for a reserved or peaceable person, and later transformed into a surname. It may have also been used to refer to someone who lived in a peaceful or tranquil area. It's important to note that surnames can change over time and could have various meanings depending on regional usage and family tradition. While this provides one possible interpretation, the exact historical significance might be different for different families with this surname.

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Stille: Where does the name Stille come from?

The last name Stille is a German name, so it is most commonly found around German-speaking countries today. It is particularly common in Northern Germany, including Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In addition, it is found in Austria and Switzerland. It is also not uncommon for the name to be found in other parts of Europe, such as the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

In the United States, the last name Stille is more uncommon. Records indicate that a few families by the name of Stille emigrated to the U.S during the 18th and 19th centuries from Northern Germany and the Netherlands. Today, the name is likely more heavily concentrated in those areas of the country where immigrants from German-speaking countries settled, such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

The Stille name can also be found in South America, particularly in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. These countries are historically home to many German and Dutch immigrants, and the Stille name has been preserved among their descendants. It is likely that there are also small, scattered populations of people with that name living in other parts of the world, too.

Variations of the surname Stille

The surname Stille is of Germanic origin, derived from the given name Stille. It is also known by alternate spellings such as Stiehl, Stuhl and Stuhle.

It is a surnames found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries.

In Germany, Stille is usually spelled with one 'l'. But in the Netherlands, it is usually spelled with two 'l' as Still.

There are several variants of this surname for different countries. In Scandinavia and the Netherlands, it is spelled as still/Stille or Staal/Staalen. In Switzerland, it is spelled as Stiehle. In Austria, it is spelled as Stuhl/Stuhle.

Some derivatives of the surname Stille are Stiller, Stillwell, Stoel, Stol, Stoll, and Stolle. Other derivatives include Stiehl, Stihl, Stohl, Stohle, Stuhl, and Stull.

In the United States, the spelling of the surname could have changed over the years, while immigrants traditional spellings were maintained. This might have lead to some alternate spellings appearing. Therefore, there are multiple spellings of the surnames, some of which include Stylla, Stylla, Still, Stilli, Stillie, Stillmann, Stillwell, and Stywall.

Famous people with the name Stille

  • Morgan Stille: An Australian stage and television actress.
  • Nils Stille: A Norwegian contemporary artist.
  • Constance Stille: An American singer and songwriter.
  • Jim Stille: An American businessman and politician.
  • Yuba Bessaoud Stille: An Algerian-French actor, director, scriptwriter, and producer.
  • Paul Stille: A German actor and director.
  • Dirk Stille: A German doctor and professor of medicine.
  • Charlotte Stille: A Swedish actress and author.
  • Bruce Stille: An American lawyer and public servant.
  • Peter Stille: A Danish artist, actor, and designer.
  • Lars Stille: A Danish classical guitarist and lutenist.
  • James Stille: An American politician and mayor of New York City.
  • Christine Stille: An American singer-songwriter, guitarist, author, and actress.
  • Jonas Stille: A Swedish Olympic medalist in the sport of equestrianism.
  • Julian Stille: An American filmmaker and producer.
  • Anna Stille: A German curator and contemporary art expert.
  • Richard Stille: An American professional baseball executive.
  • Ansgar Stille: A German architect and professor at Berlin University of the Arts.
  • Stephanie Stille: An American film producer.
  • Dagmar Stille: A German artist, painter, sculptor, puppet designer, and poet.

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