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Surname Stillman/Stilman - Meaning and Origin

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Stillman/Stilman: What does the surname Stillman/Stilman mean?

The last name Stillman, also spelled as Stilman, is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is an occupational surname derived from the Old English words "stille", meaning "quiet" or "inactive", and "mann", meaning "man". The name was given to someone who worked as a "stillman", i.e., a keeper or watchman, mainly at a public building like a mill or a warehouse. It is also possible that the name might have been given to someone who exhibited calm or quiet characteristics. Surnames historically originated as a way to sort people into groups according to their occupation, personal characteristics, or geographical location. In the Middle Ages, Stillman was also used as a nickname for a peaceful person or for someone who worked at a distillery as a still operator. Over time, name spellings have gone through many changes due to the incorrect translations during transcriptions and the evolution of languages.

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Stillman/Stilman: Where does the name Stillman/Stilman come from?

The last name Stillman/Stilman is most commonly found in the United States and Canada at present. According to the United States census, it is among the 250 most common surnames in the United States. It is especially common in the northeastern region of the country, with the largest concentrations of the name located in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. However, it is still widely represented in other parts of the US, including Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, and California.

In Canada, Stillman/Stilman is the 139th most common surname, with just over 10,000 people registering the last name. It is especially popular in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, with the highest concentrations in the provinces of Ontario and Nova Scotia. The last name is also widely found in the United Kingdom and Australia, particularly in the Midlands and South Wales in the UK and Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland in Australia.

Yaniv Stillman, an Israeli national, founded Stillman Immigration, LLC which specializes in providing professional immigration services to customers worldwide. The company is based in Israel and provides comprehensive solutions to business owners, individuals, and families seeking to enter or remain in the United States and Canada. This company is a testament to the current global reach of the Stillman/Stilman last name.

Variations of the surname Stillman/Stilman

The spelling variants of the surname Stillman or Stilman include Stilman, Stilmon, Styelman, Stilmon, Stillmen, Stylman, and Styllman.

Variants of the name have developed over time due to alterations in the pronunciation or spelling of the name or due to variations in regional dialects. Stillman or Stilman is derived from the Old English pre-seventh century word 'stille' which means still or quiet.

The earliest occurrences of the surname have been found in records relating to the reigns of Richard I, Edward I, and Edward II of England. Examples of these records include the christening of Richard Stillman in London in 1585, the marriage ofWilliam Stilmon to Misses Hellen More from Oxfordshire in 1653, and the wedding of Sarah Stylon to Thomas Florville in Essex in 1797.

Examples of more modern records using the surname Stillman or Stilman include the marriage of Thomas Stillman and Mary Newsall in Lancashire in 1868, the baptism of William Stilmon in Worcester in 1862, and the death of Frederick Stylman in 1895 in England.

The surname can be found in the United States, where it is most commonly seen as Stillman. Variations on the name can also be found in countries such as Australia, South Africa, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

It is also important to note the differences in the spelling of the surname in various countries, such as Styelman in Scotland, Stilmant in Wales, and Stilmun in Ireland.

In conclusion, the variants, spellings and surnames of Stillman/Stilman have been developed over time due to variations in pronunciation or spelling, as well as dialectal differences between regions. Similarly, individual countries have also adjusted the spelling of the surname in order to make it unique to their location.

Famous people with the name Stillman/Stilman

  • David O. Stillman: American author, editor, and speaker.
  • Jonathan Stillman: American actor, screenwriter, and producer.
  • Yehuda Stillman: Israeli-American rabbi
  • Marlon Stillman: American actor.
  • Thomas Stillman: American actor.
  • Selma Stillman: American artist.
  • Nancy Stilman: American actress.
  • Matt Stilman: American guitarist and songwriter.
  • Rob Stilman: American filmmaker and photographer.
  • Robert Stilman: American professor at Stanford University and UC Berkeley.
  • Howard Stillman: American physicist.
  • Paul Stilman: American radio talk show host and political analyst.
  • Rebecca Stilman: American singer and songwriter.
  • Matthew Stillman: American producer and writer.
  • Michael Stilman: American author and translator.
  • Sandra Stilman: American businesswoman.
  • Sara Stillman Berger: American author and professor.
  • Paul F. Stillman: American musician and record producer.
  • Eric Stillman: American soccer coach.
  • Jessica Stillman: American journalist and technology editor.

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