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Surname Taite - Meaning and Origin

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Taite: What does the surname Taite mean?

The surname Taite is a variation of the surname Tate, which has both English and Irish origins. As an English surname, Tate is derived from the Old English "tata," which was a personal name with no clear meaning; it may have been used as a nickname or term of endearment. As such, the surname could have originated as a patronymic name. On the other hand, in Irish origin, Tate is an anglicized version of the Gaelic Ó Táith, meaning "descendant of Táith" with Táith being a byname meaning "quiet" or "peaceable". So, in this context, Taite could mean a descendant of a peaceable person. The spellings Tate and Taite can be found interchangeably in historical records, suggesting a measure of fluidity in the surname's form during periods of its use.

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Taite: Where does the name Taite come from?

The last name Taite is most common today in the United Kingdom, particularly in East Anglia and London, as well as some parts of the United States. According to the data from the General Register Office of the UK, the Taite family is one of the most established names in East Anglia, with a network of branches dating back since the mid-1500s.

In the United States, particularly in the states of Texas, Nebraska, New York, Arkansas, and Colorado, Taite is seen as a relatively common surname. This is on account of the number of British settlers to the high plains in the mid to late 19th century, bringing their names and traditions along for the journey.

Although there are likely Taites scattered and living all across the world, the traditional grounds of the United Kingdom and the Americas have seen the Taite name continuously for centuries now, making it one of the most common surnames today in these places.

Variations of the surname Taite

The surname Taite is of English origins and can be spelled in various ways such as Tate, Taite, Taits, Tayte, Tait, and Tatey. It also has some spelling variants in other countries such as Teite (German) and Tait (Scottish). The name is derived from the Old Norse personal name “Þóttr”.

The surname Taite originated in the English county of Cumberland, and this is where the name is most commonly found. From there, it spread to the county of Lancashire and then to other parts of England and Scotland. The name is still mainly found in the counties of Cumberland, Lancashire and other parts of Scotland.

The original Latin spelling of the name was Thiodericus and it was later Anglicised to Taite. The Taite spelling was derived from the Middle English word “taite”, meaning “peaceful”.

The surname Tate is also a variant of Taite, and it is derived from the Old French “tate”, meaning “taut”. Other related surnames include Teete, Tayte, Tait, and Tatey.

The surname Taite is historically associated with the Scottish clan of Clan MacTate. This clan is believed to have been founded by William Taite, the great-grandson of Robert the Bruce.

In conclusion, the surname Taite is of English origins and has a number of spelling variants and related surnames including Tate, Taite, Taits, Tayte, Tait, and Tatey. It is historically associated with Clan MacTate and has the meaning of “peaceful”.

Famous people with the name Taite

  • Coco Taite: American fashion designer, influencer, and entrepreneur.
  • Zane Taite: American YouTuber, comedian, and actor.
  • Maki Taite: British fitness model and Instagram influencer.
  • Gail Taite: English actor and director, and winner of the Best Short Film Award for her film “In Too Deep”.
  • Terri Taite: Canadian fashion designer, television presenter, and entrepreneur.
  • Robert Taite: British recording artist, songwriter, and producer, best known for his work with the 60s band “The Wild Weasels”.
  • Lee Taite: Designer and visual artist from Sydney, Australia.
  • Lesha Taite: Canadian actress, best known for her roles in the movie “Shania” and TV series “The Pinkertons”.
  • Rik Taite: British entrepreneur, founder of the international sales and marketing company “Adventure Direct”.
  • John Taite: Australian photographer and regular contributor to the magazine outdoor portrait.

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