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Surname Taitson - Meaning and Origin

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Taitson: What does the surname Taitson mean?

The surname Taitson doesn't have a specific known meaning readily available in common name dictionaries or genealogy resources. It appears to be rare in occurrence.

Many surnames have geographical, occupational, or personal trait origins, but without a clear history or particular concentration in a certain region, it’s difficult to ascertain the exact meaning of the surname Taitson.

The "Tait" portion of the name could potentially be of Norse origin, where it means "cheerful", or from the Old Norse name 'Teitr'. It's also possible that "Tait" could originate from a Middle English nickname for someone who is very blonde or has golden hair, from the word "tait", meaning 'a measure of land'.

The "son" ending is common in many cultures, especially Scandinavian, Dutch, and German, and usually denotes "son of," possibly suggesting that Taitson could mean "son of Tait". However, these are merely speculations, as the specific origin of the surname Taitson isn't confirmed. Further genealogical research would be necessary to determine the exact origin and meaning of the Taitson surname.

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Taitson: Where does the name Taitson come from?

Today, the last name Taitson is commonly found in Russia, with slight variances of Tai-sun and Tayt-son. The population is sparsely spread around the rest of the world, with a concentration in the United States in California.

The Taitson family name is believed to have its origin in the small town of Korsun, located in the Ukraine. The family's earliest records date back to the 16th century, when Alexander Taitson was living in the region. It is assumed that the Taitson family may be part of a larger branch of a Viking or Slavic group with roots spread across Eastern Europe.

The Taitson family name is further associated with the Chasmorsky clan in Russia, a tribe of warriors living in the steppes of Russia, and believed to be the descendants of the emigrant Vikings. It is likely that the Taitson family moved from the Volga river valley to the Kola region in the early part of the 16th century, possibly during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

Over time, the Taitson family moved to North America, with a concentration of citizens living in the United States, particularly in California. In the 21st century, the last name Taitson is a unique and quite rare find across the globe.

Variations of the surname Taitson

Taitson is a surname derived from the Old English word ‘taitt’, which means ‘totally, completely’. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Taitson are Tattson, Tateson, Taytson, Taittson, Taiitson, Tytson, Taits, Tates, Tayts, Taitts, Taiits, and Tyts.

Taitson is a notable English surname that was first used by the Anglo-Saxons in Britain during the Middle Ages. It was later adopted by families of the British Isles who settled in other parts of the world, particularly in North America and Australia.

Tattson is the only variant form of Taitson. It is a phonetic spelling of the original name and is still widely used in present day. Many surnames originated from the ‘Tat’ variant of Taitson, including Tate, Tattersall, Tatter, and Tait. The Anglicised version of Tattson is ‘Tate’ which is by far the most widely used variant.

Tateson is the rarest of the variants as it is the least used spelling. It was first documented in the 12th century and is related to the ‘Tait’ and ‘Tat’ variants. It is thought that Tateson is derived from the Old English words ‘tate’ or ‘tateh’ which means ‘male heir or descendant’.

The surname Taittson is another variant of Taitson and has been around for centuries. It is derived from the Old English word ‘taitt’, which means ‘totally, completely’. It is a patronymic surname which is derived from the personal name ‘Tait’. Variants of this surname include Taiitson, Tytson, Taitts, Taiits, and Tyts.

The surname Taitson has numerous variants and spellings, all of which are derived from the original Old English name. All of these variants and spellings are still used by many families with the surname.

Famous people with the name Taitson

  • Charles Taitson: professional wrestler and manager
  • Henry Taitson: former Commander-in-Chief of the United Kingdom's Navy
  • Fred Taitson: former professional American football player
  • Mark Taitson: former professional American baseball player
  • Joseph Taitson: actor appearing in multiple stage productions
  • Thomas Taitson: songwriter and producer
  • Bill Taitson: former Hillbilly comedian and entertainer
  • Dagmar Taitson: former model and actress
  • Niclas Taitson: former professional Swedish soccer player
  • Karin Taitson: former professional Swedish snowboarder

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