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Surname Tait - Meaning and Origin

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Tait: What does the surname Tait mean?

Tait is a surname of Scottish origin. It derives from the Old Norse word "teitr," meaning cheerful or glad. This moniker was likely first used as a nickname for a person known for being cheerful or lighthearted and then evolved into a surname. It may also be related to a Norse personal name, Taitr. The name is most commonly found in regions with historical Viking influence, including Scotland and Northern England. Variations of the surname include Tate, Tayt, Tayte, Taitt, and others. Some early records of the name include William Tait in 1296 in Berwickshire, Scotland, and Adam Tayt in 1329 in Angus, Scotland.

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Tait: Where does the name Tait come from?

The surname Tait is a Scottish name, originating from the county of Berwickshire in the Scottish Lowlands. It is derived from the Scottish Gaelic term for 'cheerful' and is also thought to mean 'kind hearted'. It is still a relatively common surname today throughout the British Isles, and is particularly common in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the United States, Tait is less common, with the most notable concentrations found in Pennsylvania, and small towns in Minnesota. According to the United States Census Bureau, the surname Tait is the 3,060th most common surname in the United States, yet its numbers are steadily increasing over time.

Tait is also a popular surname throughout Canada, and is the 4,755th most common in the country. The most common concentration can be found in Quebec, followed by Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario. The surname is even more popular in Australia, where it is the 1,110th most common name. In New Zealand, it ranks 901st, and is especially common in Otago. There are even communities in Mexico, Colombia and Peru that feature the surname, although it is most likely of English or Irish origin in these countries.

Variations of the surname Tait

The surname Tait is anglicised from the Scottish term "MacTavish" or "MacTavish", which is of Gaelic origin. The Gaelic form of the name is "Mac an Taidhg" or "Mac an Taigh", meaning "son of the poet" or "son of the Berserk". The surname is first recorded in 1263 in the form Tady, and is mainly found in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Variants of the surname Tait include Tait, Tate, Teat, Tait, Taitt, Teait, and Tayt.

In Scotland, Tait is also found as a variant of the clan name MacTavish or MacTavish and is also rendered as Taitt, Teat, Teait, Tait, Whitetait, MacTavish, and MacTavish. These surnames all evolved from the Gaelic form of Mac an Taidhg, which is pronounced "Mac ann Teage". Other variants are found in Scotland, such as Teat, Tate, Tayt, and Taitt.

In England, Tait is an alternate spelling of the name Teat, which is an old English name derived from the Old English tæht, meaning mustard seed. This surname appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Tat".

In Northern Ireland, Tait is an anglicised version of the name MacTavey or MacTavey, which is of Scottish origin. The Irish Gaelic form of the name is Mac Thaidhg, which translates to "son of Tadhg". Variants of the name in Ireland are MacTavey, MacTavey, Teat, Tate, Taitt, Teait, Tait, Tayt, and Whiteait.

In North America, the Tait surname is a variant of Teat, and is of English origin. Variants of the surname in this region are Teat, Tate, Taitt, Teait, Tait, Tayt, and Whiteait.

Famous people with the name Tait

  • Jack Douglas Tait (founder and CEO of Plastic Bank)
  • Steven Tait (former Professional Footballer)
  • Jonathan Tait (current Professional Footballer)
  • Joseph Tait (American Professional Basketball Player)
  • Malcolm Tait (American Composer and Arranger)
  • Eric Tait (Scottish Actor and Writer)
  • Melanie Tait (Australian Radio Broadcaster)
  • Chad Tait (American Professional Soccer Player)
  • Gordan Tait (English Physicist and Astronomer)
  • Mathew Tait (English Professional Rugby Union Player)
  • Sarah Tait (Olympic Rower and Cancer Activist)
  • Nik Tait (English Voice-over Artist and Actor)
  • Claire Tait (International Human Rights Activist)
  • Shepherd Tait (African-American Politician and Civil-Rights Leader)
  • Elaine Tait (American Watercolor Painter and Pastelist)
  • Julian Tait (British Company Director)
  • Shawn Tait (American Basketball Coach)
  • Robert Tait (Scottish-born Writer and Journalist)
  • Craig Tait (British-Canadian Film Producer and Writer)
  • Angela Tait (American Professional Body Builder)

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