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Surname Tailor - Meaning and Origin

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Tailor: What does the surname Tailor mean?

The surname "Tailor" derives from the Old French word "tailleur" which essentially translates to "cutter." As such, this surname was traditionally an occupational one, given to people who made a living cutting and sewing clothing, namely, tailors. The occupation was highly valued during medieval times when the majority of clothing was crafted by hand. Tailors were particularly skilled professionals, often creating highly detailed and elaborate garments for the wealthier classes. Surnames based on occupations were widely used in Europe from the Middle Ages onwards and often indicated a person's trade or profession. Therefore, if a person bore the surname "Tailor," it was likely that he or she, or an ancestor, was a professional tailor. Over the years, the spelling of the name might have changed slightly, with "Taylor" also being a common variation of the name.

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Tailor: Where does the name Tailor come from?

The last name Tailor is quite common around the world, but its highest concentration is in India. According to recent data from the United States Census, the last name Tailor is the 615th-most common name in the country. However, when looking at the Indian population, the name Tailor is the 61st-most common surname.

Tailor is a common occupational surname in India belonging to those who worked in the textile industry. The name is derived from the word 'tailor', which means to cut and fit cloth in order to make a garment. It is believed that the Tailoring profession was one of the first guilds to be formed in India.

The name Tailor is also quite common in Britain, where it is the 203rd-most common surname. Here too, the name was derived from a popular occupation in the textile industry - the tailoring of apparel.

In the United States, the last name Tailor can be found in every state, however, the highest concentration resides in California. Other places where the name is fairly common include New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

In conclusion, the last name Tailor is quite common around the world today. It is especially popular in India, but can also be found in Britain, the United States, and other parts of the world. The name typically originates from an ancestor who worked in the textile industry, such as a tailor.

Variations of the surname Tailor

The surname Tailor has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common version of the surname is Taylor, which is the English variant, based on the occupational name for someone who was a tailor. Other variants include Tayler, Tayllor, Taylur,Tailor, Tailer, Tailor, Talor, Talyor, Taylour, Teyler, Teyllor, Teylyor, and Tailour.

The Welsh version of the Tailor surname is Teilo, and includes variants such as Teilor, Teillor, Teilur, Teyler, Teillur, Teyllur, Teilour, and Teillour. Another Welsh spelling variation is Tailleur, and its variants include Tailleour, Tailleur, Tailor, Tayleur, Taillour, Taillur, and Taillor.

The Irish version of the Tailor surname is McLoughlin and its variants include MacLachlan, MacLaghlan, McLaghlan, MacLoughlin, MacLauchlan, McLoughlin, MacLaughlin, Loughlin, and Laughlin. This surname originated in County Donegal, Ireland, and spread later into Scotland and the western coast of England.

Tailor can also have Germanic roots. In this case, the variants include Tailer, Tailor, Tayler, Tayllor, and Taller. This variant may be of German origin, and originated in Bavaria and Württemburg.

Overall, Tailor is a multi-national surname and is commonly found throughout England and Ireland, as well as in certain parts of Scotland, Germany, and Scandinavia. These variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin are a testament to the widespread distribution of this surname across multiple regions of Europe.

Famous people with the name Tailor

  • Tom Tailor: German fashion company
  • Mohna Tailor Kumar: An Indian singer, actress, model and bio-tech researcher
  • Edward Tailor: an actor and director
  • Sonu Tailor: an Indian actor
  • Ravi Tailor: an Indian cricketer
  • John Tailor: a British artist
  • David Tailor: an American musician
  • Paul Tailor: a German hockey player
  • Chris Tailor: a British radio presenter
  • Praveen Tailor: an Indian engineer
  • Lisa Tailor: a South African model
  • D.T Tailor: an Indian filmmaker
  • Joy Tailor: an American singer
  • Anna Tailor: a singer from Sweden
  • Joe Tailor: an American basketball player
  • Syed Tailor: a Pakistani cricketer
  • Sanjay Tailor: an Indian actor
  • Alex Tailor: a British author
  • Micha Tailor: a German actor
  • Kingsley Tailor: a Nigerian actor.

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