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Surname Übel - Meaning and Origin

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Übel: What does the surname Übel mean?

The last name Übel is believed to have German and Swiss-German origins. Primarily, it is believed to be derived from the German word "übel" which translates to "wicked" or "poor". This is thought to possibly be an occupational name in reference to someone who was a beggar or somebody who was engaged in some sort of maligned activity.

The first known use of the last name dates back to 1336 in a document related to a tantamount of the Duke of Maximilian. Since then, various records have revealed that the name has been used across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other countries.

In modern times, the last name Übel is largely used as a surname all over the world. Other than Germany, it can also found used as a surname in the United States, Canada, and other countries with a large German population.

The scope of the last name can vary from a given name to a family surname and can also be used as a variation of other family names. Additionally, the surname is also often used by individuals who were previously socially or economically disadvantaged in their native countries, as it denotes an element of subservience or challenge.

Overall, the last name Übel appears to have a rich and wide-reaching history. Although it has been commonly used as a negative description, today it is used by a wide range of people all over the world and is no longer seen as an unkind term.

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Übel: Where does the name Übel come from?

The last name Übel is most commonly associated with German-speaking areas, especially in Germany and its former territories in Eastern Europe such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. It is also common in parts of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands where German influences can be found.

In Germany, the Übel surname is most prevalent in the states of Bavaria and Saxony. Specifically, it is most densely concentrated in the northern part of Bavaria and the eastern part of Saxony, surrounding the former East Germany. Austrian records indicate that the last name is relatively common throughout the entire country, but the most frequent occurrences are in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, and Salzburg.

In the U.S., the Übel surname is still fairly uncommon. However, it has been found among immigrants from German-speaking areas in lower populated states such as Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. There are also records of this surname in large cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis.

Overall, while the Übel surname is not extremely common, it can still be found today in a variety of places around the world with German-speaking influences.

Variations of the surname Übel

The surname Übel is of German origin, and has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. In its original form, the surname is written “Übel”, deriving from the old German or Middle High German ubil, and is a nickname for a miser or someone who was inconsiderate or negative. Variants of the surname Übel include Uebel, Uebelhoer, Uebelher, Ubel, Ubeler and Ubbelohr. The two main spellings of the surname are Uebel and Ubel.

One of the major branches of the Uebel family tree is the Uebelhoer family, which is found in many Central and Northern European countries. The Uebel-Herr family is found mainly in Switzerland and neighboring countries. The Ubeler family is found primarily in Germany.

The surnames that have derived from Übel include O’Ubble, Ubbenhorst, Uble, Ubyll, Uebbeler, Ubel, Uebel Corinth, Uebelhoer, Uebelhoer Baldrian, Uebelher Ansay, Uebelhoer Jansz, Uebell, Uebelmesser, Uebelmann, Uebelohr, Uebels, Uebelsacker, and Uebelzehr.

The surnames of the same origin to Übel include Ubal, Ubelak, Ubell, Ubels, Ubelsacker, Ubelsfangs, Ubelsheimer, Ubelsheyr, Ubenhoer, Ubert, Übert, Uberta, and Ubernauer. The surnames of the same origin to Uebel include Uebelacker, Uebelak, Uebelacker, Uebeler, Uebelhack, Uebelhake, Uebell, Uebelmann, Uebelsacker, Uebelsheimer, Uebelsheyr and Uebenhoer.

The spellings of the surname can also vary from region to region, and by the dialect spoken. In the US, the common spelling of the surname is Ubel or Ubbelohr. In some Latin American countries, the surname appears as Uble or Ubille. No matter the spelling of the surname, all variants, spellings and related surnames are of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Übel

  • Hans-Werner Uebel: a German politician and member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany.
  • Marta Uebel: a German middle-distance runner.
  • Erich Übel: Austrian javelin thrower and Olympic silver medalist.
  • Johannes Uebel: German auto racing driver and winner of the 1964 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  • Werner Uebel: German water polo player.
  • Lisa Uebel: German figure skater.
  • Cornelia Uebel: German rhythmic gymnast.
  • Raphael Uebel: German sprint canoer.
  • Ingeborg Uebel: Austrian entomologist, specializing in Lepidoptera.
  • Jens Uebel: German silversmith and jewelry designer.

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