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Surname Übelmann - Meaning and Origin

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Übelmann: What does the surname Übelmann mean?

The last name Übelmann is a German surname derived from the Middle High German "ivelman," which literally translates to mean "evil man" or "man of evil." Though the literal translation of the name may offer clues to its original meaning, the surname has likely been passed down across generations without its etymological significance being maintained.

Today, the surname Übelmann is most commonly found in Germany and Austria, particularly in southern Germany near the borders of Switzerland and Austria, as well as in eastern Germany. The name may also be present in areas which were formerly part of what is modern Germany, such as those parts of Prussia which are now in Poland or Lithuania.

As to the question of the meaning of the last name Übelmann, it is difficult to determine definitively. It may have originally referenced an individual who was particularly evil or devious, or it could have been a nickname for someone who was unkind or troublesome in some manner. It is also possible that, given its presence in areas near Switzerland and Austria, the name may have been a reference to a profession or task which was considered morally questionable.

In modern times, the surname Übelmann can be used to trace a family's lineage. If a family currently has this surname, tracing its earliest known usage will provide more clues as to the original meaning and purpose behind it. Additionally, speaking with family members who know the history associated with the name can shed light on the origin of the last name Übelmann.

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Übelmann: Where does the name Übelmann come from?

The surname Übelmann is primarily found in Germany, though it is also common in much of central and northern Europe. The name often appears in connection with prominent economic, artistic and political personalities in German-speaking countries.

It is thought that the origin of the name Übelmann is from an ancient Germanic word meaning “ill, bad or hostile”. Historical records indicate that it was used to describe an individual of ill repute, or one who brought bad luck.

Today, the Übelmann surname can be found most commonly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia. It is also quite common in Brazil, where many Germans, Austria-Hungarians, Poles, and Jewish settlers immigrated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There is a small but significant population of individuals with the Übelmann surname in the United States, due to later wave immigrations.

The name Übelmann is still quite common in Germany today, where it can denote a range of occupations and social standings. While there still may be individuals with the name labeled of ill repute, it is mostly seen as a traditional German surname that is strongly rooted in its national identity.

Variations of the surname Übelmann

The surname Übelmann is derived from the German word "übel" meaning evil or wicked. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include:

Ubelmann, Uebelmann, Ubelemann, Ubelman, Ubellman, Uebel, Uebelmann, Ubel, Ubell.

This variant of the surname is not uncommon in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Germany, spelling variations of the surname Übelmann include Uebelmann, Ubelmann, Ubelemann, Uebelmann, Ubelman, Uebelman, Ubellman, Ubel, Uebel, Ubell. Other variants of the surname in Germany include Ubelmann, Uelly-mann and Oebelmann. In Austria, other variants of the surname include Oebelmann, Uelmann, Uellmann, Ueblemann, Uebelmann, Uellman, and Ubelman.

In Switzerland, variations of the surname Übelmann include Uebelman, Ubelmann, Ubel, and Uebelman. In the Netherlands, spelling variants of Übelmann include Ubelman, Ubelmans, Ubelmann, Ubelmannen, Ubelmanns, and Uebelmann. In the Czech Republic, variations of the surname include Ubelmann and Ubraham.

The surnames Ubley, Ublay, Ubli and Ubleyman are derivatives of Übelmann occurring mainly in the regions of Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Famous people with the name Übelmann

  • Franz Übelmann (1829-1909), German-Austrian theater director
  • Heinrich Übelmann (1855-1908), Austrian actor and theater director
  • FranÅ¡ois-Xavier Übelmann (1820-1874), French mining engineer and geologist
  • Erich Übelmann (1907-1983), German film actor
  • Ernst Übelmann (1886-1944), German biologist
  • Robert Übelmann (1858-1932), Czech organist and composer
  • Richard Übelmann (1898-1956), Austrian-American journalist
  • Karel Übelmann (1846-1897), Czech poet
  • Helmut Übelmann (1890-1980), Austrian architect
  • Albert Übelmann (1887-1966), German rowing coach
  • JúrÅ¡a Übelmann (born 1946), Slovenian canoeist
  • Palma Cocconi-Übelmann (1903-1976), Italian-Argentine painter.

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