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Surname Übelherr - Meaning and Origin

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Übelherr: What does the surname Übelherr mean?

The German-language surname Übelherr is an occupational name derived from the Middle High German word "ùbelhêre" meaning "a wicked, brutal man". This type of occupational name originated in the Middle Ages when people began to take on surnames derived from their professions. In this case, Übelherr was a title given to someone of some high standing in the German social hierarchy, such as a landowner or a noble.

The name Übelherr is most commonly found in central and southern Germany, and is often still found in the same regions today. It is often anglicized to Yost or Yosten, and is pronounced "Oo-bell-herr".

The meaning of the name Übelherr is believed to be derived from its Middle Ages origins, likely referring to someone of a difficult or uncompromising character. Additionally, the name can also be interpreted metaphorically, meaning an individual's "evil master" in the sense of a dominating or tyrannical figure.

Those with the surname Übelherr can trace their lineage to the Middle Ages, and may have been descended from someone who held a prestigious or influential position in German society. Though it is now often found across Europe and beyond, the family name's origins will forever be connected to its traditional homeland of Germany.

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Übelherr: Where does the name Übelherr come from?

The last name Übelherr is most commonly found in German-speaking countries, particularly in Germany and Austria. Although the name likely originated in Bavaria, it may also be found in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, as well as throughout Europe. Variations in the spelling of Übelherr, including Uebelherr, Ubelherr and Ueblherr, can also be found, making tracing the name even more complicated.

In the United States, Übelherr is quite rare, although its presence has grown in recent decades with the influx of German immigrants. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there were at least 101 individuals living in the U.S. with the last name Übelherr. The vast majority of these individuals were living in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey at the time. Recent data indicates that the individuals living in the U.S. with the last name Übelherr have most likely originated from Germany, but some may be descended from either Swiss or Austrian immigrants.

Overall, the last name Übelherr is much more common in German-speaking countries in Europe than it is in the United States. It is likely that individuals with this name are descendants from Germanic origins, although it is difficult to trace Übelherr genealogies due to the many different spelling variations of the name.

Variations of the surname Übelherr

The surname Übelherr, sometimes spelled Uebelherr, is a German surname originating in Bavaria. It is composed of two distinct elements, “übel” and “herr,” and is understood to mean “evil ruler” or “evil master.” It is believed to have been adopted as a name for a person who carried out the authority of a ruler or lord in a strict and harsh manner.

Variant spellings of the surname Übelherr likely had their origins in the dialect of Bavaria at the time the name was adopted. As such, the spelling could vary depending on region. Other variations of the surname Übelherr include Uebelher, Uebeler, Uebeler, Uebelhor, Uebler, Obeler, Obhler, Obler, Ebleherr, and Ebeler.

In addition to these variant spellings, other surnames of similar origin can also be related to Übelherr. For example, Uebeser, Ueberroth, Ueble, Oberg, Ober, Ebeler, and Ebheim are all similar surnames that could potentially be related to Übelherr.

Overall, the surname Übelherr is a unique name with many variants and related surnames. Its meaning as “evil ruler” or “evil master” makes it an interesting choice for those trying to trace their family history.

Famous people with the name Übelherr

  • SamÜbelherr: Sam Übelherr is a German-born Swiss actor, known for his roles in the television series GLOW on Netflix, Where Is Rocky II?, and Hamilton.
  • Umeko Übelherr: Umeko was a Japanese film actress active in the 'Taisho Period' of early twentieth century Japanese cinema.
  • Dr. Lina Übelherr: Dr. Lina is a German scientist, known for her pioneering research in the fields of molecular and cellular biology. She is a lecturer at the University of Munich.
  • Jürgen Übelherr: Jürgen is a German entrepreneur and venture capitalist who founded the energy technology company, RheinEnergie AG.
  • Erwin Übelherr: Erwin was a German World War II pilot and flying ace. He was credited with destroying 17 enemy aircraft during the war.
  • Helmut Übelherr: Helmut was a renowned German sculptor and graphic artist who produced a number of works, including the 'Panoramic Relief' in the city of Mainz.
  • Paul Übelherr: Paul was a German World War I aircraft pilot and commander. He is remembered for his bravery in the Battle of Verdun, where he was decorated for his valor.
  • Fritz Übelherr: Fritz was a German composer and conductor who achieved fame during the Weimar Republic with his operas and operettas.
  • Martin Übelherr: Martin is a German author and freelance journalist. He is well-known for his books about the history and culture of Germany, including 'Germany As We've Never Seen it Before'.
  • Erich Übelherr: Erich was a German soldier who fought in World War II. He was awarded the Iron Cross twice for his brave actions in battle.

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