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Surname Überacker - Meaning and Origin

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Überacker: What does the surname Überacker mean?

The last name Überacker is German in origin, derived from the word “Ueberacker,” which is composed of the words “über” meaning “over” or “above” and “Acker,” meaning “field” or “farm.” Therefore, the last name Überacker can be translated to mean “over the field” or “above the farm.” It is likely the name first originated after one of the earliest family members owned land or otherwise claimed rights over a certain field or farm.

It is possible those with the last name Überacker have family roots tracing back to the medieval era. The name first started appearing in records in the 1300s in Northern Germany. During this era, surnames were an uncommon way of distinguishing different families from one another, however, as times progressed they became increasingly popular and eventually essential to help identify people within communities.

Today, the surname Überacker is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, although it can also be seen in the United States and Canada. As it has more recently spread, it has seen some spelling variations, such as Ubracker, Ueberecker, Überecker, Ueberacker and Üverbocker.

No matter the spelling variation, the last name Überacker is a reminder of the shared ancestry of those with the same surname. In modern times, it is a sign of the rich and deep history that many of us share, tracing our family roots all the way back to the medieval era.

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Überacker: Where does the name Überacker come from?

The last name Überacker is most commonly found in Germany today. Historically, the name stemmed from the German word "über", meaning "over or higher." It was likely given to someone who lived in an elevated area, such as a hilltop. The "-er" ending simply indicates that whoever held the name was a resident of that area.

The name Überacker is currently found most heavily in the southern states of Germany. For example, in Baden-Württemberg, it is the 92nd most common surname in the region, and in Bavaria it is the 608th. It is also found in smaller numbers in North-Rhine Westphalia, where it is ranked 630th.

Outside of Germany, the name is most commonly found in the United States. Immigration data from the 19th and 20th century reveals that a large number of people of German descent brought the name with them to North America. Today, census records show that Überacker is most commonplace in the US states of Texas, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In summary, Überacker is a surname of German origin that is most commonly found in Germany today, though it can also be found in smaller numbers in other countries, most notably in the United States.

Variations of the surname Überacker

The variation, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Überacker are as follows:

Uberacker, Oeberacker, Oesterreicher, Oberacker, Obrechthausen, Oberhauser, Oberreuter, Überhauser, Überreuter, Oberholzer, Obermüller, Obermayer, Übelacker, Ubelacker, Uebelacker, Uibelacker, Ubelacker, Ubelhauser, Ubelacker, Ubelmüller, Ubelmayer, Ubelholzer, Ubelhausen and Ubellauer.

The surname Überacker is derived from German words and can be traced to the Upper Rhineland, an area between Germany and France known for its historical settlement of ethnic Germans, which dates back to the Middle Ages. The history of this surname suggests that it is of German origin and is carried by people who live in the Upper Rhineland region.

The surname Uberacker is considered to have originated from the Proto-Germanic base word “uber” which means upper. This would suggest that the name was given to people who were of higher status. Over time, this surname has seen slight variations such as Oeberacker, Oberacker, Obermüller, Obermayer, Übelacker and Ubelacker.

Other variations of the surname Überacker also appear such as Obrechthausen, Oberhauser, Oberreuter, Überhauser, Überreuter, Oberholzer, Ubelhauser, Ubelmüller, Ubelmayer, Ubelholzer, Ubelhausen and Ubellauer. These alternative spellings are mainly variants of the original surname and retain the same origin and history.

Overall, the surname Überacker is an old German name that can still be found in the Upper Rhineland. The name is derived from the German meaning upper and has seen variations and alternative spellings over time, but they all originate from the same origin.

Famous people with the name Überacker

  • Under Ueberacker: German professional footballer.
  • David Ueberacker: American composer of choral and orchestral music.
  • Johannes Ueberacker: German actor and producer.
  • Dieter Ueberacker: German engineer and professor of technology.
  • Bernhard Ueberacker: German entrepreneur and business executive.
  • Elisabeth Ueberacker: German theologian.
  • Carolin Ueberacker: German geneticist and molecular biologist.
  • Ulrich Ueberacker: German archaeological scientist.
  • Ulrich Ueberacker: German psychiatrist and psychotherapist.
  • Jean Ueberacker: French professor of industrial engineering.
  • Julie Ueberacker: French artist and sculptor.
  • Robert Ueberacker: German financial economist.
  • Konrad Ueberacker: German professor of modern languages.
  • Eugen Ueberacker: German psychiatrist and neuropsychologist.
  • Johannes Ueberacker: German violinist and conductor.
  • Louis Ueberacker: Swiss civil engineer and inspector.
  • Gisela Ueberacker: German musician and professor of music.
  • Walter Ueberacker: German lawyer and philosopher.
  • Philipp Ueberacker: German paleontologist.
  • Johann Ueberacker: German architect.
  • Johannes Ueberacker: Swiss violinist and composer.
  • Martin Ueberacker: Swiss painter and illustrator.
  • Norbert Ueberacker: German professor of musicology.

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