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Surname Überholz - Meaning and Origin

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Überholz: What does the surname Überholz mean?

The last name Überholz is a German surname originating in the Middle Ages. It is formed from the two German words "über" and "holz," which mean "above" and "wood" respectively. It most likely refers to one who lived or worked in a forest in a superior or elevated position such as a forester, gamekeeper, wood carver, or waterman. It could also refer to a higher social rank, meaning the holder of the name could have been of noble or wealthy standing.

The last name Überholz can be found throughout Germany today as well in other countries where German immigrants have settled. It can be a very common name, as many families across the country share the same surname. Variations of this name may include: Oeberholz, Ueberholz, Uberholz, Oberholz, Obreholz and Überholz.

Today, the Überholz family may still be employed in forestry and lumber work, agriculture, and other outdoor occupations. However, some members of the family may have changed careers and gone on to pursue professional and academic paths, as well as enter business and the military. Thus, the modern Überholz family is diverse and can be found in many different industries.

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Überholz: Where does the name Überholz come from?

The last name Überholz is a German surname meaning “over the mountain” or “climbing up the hill”. It is most popular in southeastern and east-central Germany and is especially common in the states of Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria.

Within Germany, the highest concentrations of the Überholz surname can be found in the Sachsen-Anhalt region surrounding the cities of Halle and Leipzig, as well as the Ammerlaender region around Oldenburg in Lower Saxony.

In the German-speaking world outside of Germany, the name Überholz is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Austrians also share the surname, and it is particularly common in the easternmost provinces of Austria, such as Burgenland and Carinthia.

In the last few decades, the Überholz surname has also spread to parts of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Brazil, though it is by no means as common as in the native countries of Germany and Austria.

The Überholz surname has been present in the German-speaking world since at least the 15th century, and its variants can also be found in countries throughout Central and Northern Europe.

Variations of the surname Überholz

The surname Überholz is a German name deriving from the Middle High German words “überhult” or “überhöltz”, which roughly translate to “boarded house”. As an occupational surname, Überholz originally referred to a landlord who owned a house with boarded walls. Over time, various spelling variations of the surname have emerged, the most common being Obereholz, Oberholz, Oberhöltz, and Ueberholz.

In some parts of Austria, the name has evolved into the variations Uiberholz and Uiberholzer and Practisch in some Czech households. Additionally, in Slovenia, the surname has been adapted to Obarholc.

The numerous permutations of this surname are observed in numerous countries throughout Europe. For example, in such countries as Poland (Óberhalz and Oberholc) or Portugal (Aberhald and Abreuholz), the Überholz surname has taken on slight variations in spelling.

Other surnames of Überholz origin include Überholser, Überholsbach, Überholzer, Überholenzieher, and Überhölzli, with the latter being most common in Switzerland.

Taken together, the various spellings and adapted surnames of Überholz can be grouped under the umbrella of Oberholz, with its derivative forms serving to indicate geographic and cultural differences from one area to another. In the end, regardless of the language or the spelling, all these surnames are based on the same root name: Überholz.

Famous people with the name Überholz

  • Jan Uberholz: German mountain climber, mountaineering guide, avalanche expert, and polar explorer.
  • Lennart Uberholz: German cartoonist and illustrator.
  • Elisabeth Uberholz: German journalist, author, and media consultant.
  • Philip Überholz: German Slalom and Downhill speed skiing champion.
  • Frederic Uberholz: German director and screenwriter.
  • Martin Uberholz: German historian, professor, and author.
  • Gunther Uberholz: German rower, Olympic champion, and world record holder.
  • Alfred Uberholz: German actor, theatre director, and singer.
  • Franziska Überholz: German artist and photographer.
  • Sebastian Überholz: German chef and restaurateur.

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