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Surname Uarbry - Meaning and Origin

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Uarbry: What does the surname Uarbry mean?

The last name Uarbry is believed to be derived from the Welsh words un (country) and bre (wide). This indicates that it is likely a toponymic surname, meaning someone living in or originating from a wide country. This might mean someone from a wide valley, open moorland, or plain.

The Uarbry spelling is uncommon today, but variations such as Uarby, Wurbry, and Warby are still found in Britain and other English-speaking countries such as the United States and Australia.

Interestingly, one of the earliest recorded uses of the name was in the 13th century in western Ireland. This surname was used by the occupants of a castle estate in County Galway.

In more modern times, the name has been adopted by people of all backgrounds. It is sometimes used as a given name, or even as a first name with an anglicized spelling.

Although there is a lot of uncertainty around the exact origin of this surname, it is likely that the Uarbry name is derived from a place name or geographic description of an area where the family lived in historical times. The name is used by people today from all kinds of backgrounds who are likely proud to share this unique and interesting name.

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Uarbry: Where does the name Uarbry come from?

The last name Uarbry is most commonly found in France today. It is thought to have originated from Franche-Comté, a historical region that now comprises parts of the modern-day French departments of Doubs, Haute-Saône, and the Territoire de Belfort. It was initially used as a courteous or family name in France, and has been found mostly in the regions mentioned.

Recently, it has started to gain some popularity in other countries such as Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. At the moment, there are around 900 people around the world who use this name.

In Canada, it is particularly common in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, where the number of people with the last name Uarbry is highest. Most of them are found in Montreal, Sherbrooke, and other major urban centers.

In the United States, the name is more common in the states of New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida. It is also increasingly found in the Caribbean region.

In the United Kingdom, this surname appears to be restricted to a few regions. It is most common in London, Birmingham, and other large cities.

In Switzerland, there are clusters of people with this name near Geneva.

The last name Uarbry is quite rare and not a popular surname in most countries. However, it is slowly being adopted by more people and may become more common in the future.

Variations of the surname Uarbry

The surname Uarbry has several variants and spellings. The most common variation of this surname is Warburton, with the letter U changed to a W, and the letter B changed to a T. The French version of this surname is Warburton, spelled Warbouton, as well as Warburtonne, Warbois and Warbier. It is also sometimes Latinized as Warburtonus. In Ireland, the surname Uarbry is often seen as an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Ó Robhartaigh.

Other spellings and variants include Warbery, Warburry, Warbre, Warbrey, Warbreye, Wurbury, Wubury, Wurbry, Wumbury, Wobury, Warborough, Warburrow, Warbert, Warbin and Warbing. Some believe that the surname Warburton was derived from the Norman family de Warbodus, which originated from the village of Warbodus in Normandy.

The Uarbry surname is mostly found in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the United States. Some of the earliest occurrences of this surname were found in Norfolk, England and County Waterford, Ireland. It is typically found clustered around areas where the Warburton family was historically located. It is also common in places where the Irish immigration was influential, such as the United States and Canada.

Famous people with the name Uarbry

  • Amanda Zubairy Uarbry, Mexican news anchor and producer.
  • Oleg Uarbry, Ukrainian Figure Skater.
  • Rubén Uarbry, Mexican politician and former state representative for the PRI party.
  • Ivan Uarbry, Ukrainian national football team midfielder.
  • Ivan Uarbry, Ukrainian novelist and poet.
  • Edgar Uarbry, Mexican soap opera actor.
  • Pete Uarbry, British professional wrestler.
  • Sylvester Uarbry, American sound engineer and producer for Grammy-winning records.
  • Lucas Uarbry, Brazilian soccer coach.
  • Paul Uarbry, French music producer and DJ.

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