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Surname Vach - Meaning and Origin

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Vach: What does the surname Vach mean?

The last name Vach is of Slavic origin, specifically from Bohemia (present-day Czech Republic) and Poland. The name is derived from the old Slavic word “vach” which means “ox”, and is related to the old German word “vach/wach” which means “watch”.

In medieval Bohemia, the Vach family was considered a noble, wealthy one, as befitting their name. Later on, many members of the Vach family became wealthy merchants and landowners, often resulting from successful entrepreneurial ventures such as trading and craftsmanship.

The Vach family has since spread, and the name is found in many countries throughout eastern and central Europe, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia. The name has also been found in other countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru.

A common variant of the name is “Vacc”, and this is especially common in areas of Italy such as Lombardy and Venice where the Vach family name originally got its start.

The Vach family has strong ties to its original homeland in eastern and central Europe. The name Vach is a proud reminder of the achievements and contributions of the Vach family from Bohemia throughout Europe, and its derivatives in other parts of the world.

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Vach: Where does the name Vach come from?

The last name Vach is most commonly found in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. It is believed to be of Germanic origin and is derived from several possible sources including a nickname for aaker (a kinsman), a form of the word wahr or wacker (strong or brave), and also a form derived from the Germanic root vachen (fight).

In the Czech Republic, the Vach surname is mostly found in the areas around Zlin, Most, and Prague, as well as the larger towns of Ostrava and Karlovy Vary. It is one of the most frequently occurring surnames in the country.

In Austria, it is most commonly found in Vienna, Burgenland, and Styria.

In Germany, it is most commonly found in the states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, and Baden-Wurttemberg.

In Poland, it is most commonly found in Silesia, and Lower Silesia.

In Slovakia, the Vach surname is most commonly found in the larger cities and towns such as Bratislava, Nitra, and Presov and in the surrounding regions.

Overall, the Vach last name is most often found in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in the countries of the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia.

Variations of the surname Vach

The surname Vach can have numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These may include variations of the spelling like: Vah, Vahc, Vahch and Vache. Other spellings can include Vachek, Vacho, Vac, Vack, Vaccek, etc. Variants of the surname can also include Vahce, Vachce, Vacche, Vahche, Vakh, Vakhch, and Vahck.

Surnames of the same origin and meaning, such as Vacko, can also be found. The spelling Vacko is a Czech variation of the same surname. As well, the German spelling of Vach is spelled Fah and variants of this name can be found as Fach, Feech, and Fehch.

The usage of the words Vah, Vahc, Vahch, Vahce, and Vakh are typically found among people who trace their ancestry to Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, while Vache, Vacho, Vac, Vack, Vaccek, Vachce, Vacche, and Vahche are more often used among people that trace their ancestry to France.

Regardless of the spelling, all of these names share the origin of being a spelling variation of the same underlying surname, Vach. As a result, all of these variants, spellings, and surnames are related and share the same origin and meaning.

Famous people with the name Vach

  • Alexandra Vach: German actress.
  • Guido Vach: German journalist, business consultant, and communications strategist.
  • Sinan Vach: Artist, cofounder of Tango Starr Music Group.
  • Artur Vach: German actor and theater director.
  • Helmut Vach: Austrian rower.
  • Johann Vach: German pilot.
  • Lisa Vach: German actress.
  • Bernhard Vach: German football coach.
  • Mathias Vach: German living painter.
  • Franz Vach: Austrian luger.
  • Anna Vach: German ice dancer.
  • Konstanze Vach: Austrian style director.
  • Joseph Vach: Czechoslovakian actor and director.
  • Béla Vach: Hungarian sculptor and graphic artist.
  • Julius Vach: Czechoslovakian poet.
  • Vlastimil Vach: Czech film director.
  • Adolf Vach: Czechoslovakian politician.
  • Günther Vach: German politician.
  • Robert Vach: German composer and conductor.
  • Paul Vach: Belarusian author and journalist.

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