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Surname Vera - Meaning and Origin

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B. Vera

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Vera: What does the surname Vera mean?

The last name Vera originated from Spain and it primarily means "truth" or "true." Many historical texts denote ‘Vera’ as a locational surname derived from places in Spain like Vera de Bidasoa in Navarra, and Vera de Erques on the island of Tenerife in the Canaries. Additionally, it was often awarded to people who were considered to be truthful or honest in their dealings, thereby embodying the persona of reliable, trustworthy individuals. Over time, this surname has dispersed around countries such as Portugal, Italy, and prevalent in Latin American nations due to Spanish colonization. The name is quite common and is recognized widely due to several famous personalities bearing this surname, such as Colombian writer and poet Jorge Isaacs Vera, and Mexican-American actress, Patricia "Patssi" Valdez. Thus, the surname Vera signifies truth, embodying a person's honesty and integrity.

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Vera: Where does the name Vera come from?

The last name Vera is most commonly found in Portugal and Spain, though there are also people who carry the name in Latin America, North America, and various other parts of the world. In Portugal and Spain, the name is of Latin origin and was likely derived from the Latin word verus, which means “true.”

In Portugal, Vera has traditionally been a popular name amongst the noble class but has since spread to all classes. In Spain, similarly, the name has been in use since at least the 18th century and is often linked to the Vera Cruz district, which is now known as Fuengirola. As Spanish-speaking countries colonized Central and South America, the name spread in those regions as well.

Today, Vera is fairly popular as a given name in the United States, particularly amongst Latinos, and there are various forms of it, such as Veronika, Verenice, or Verónica. It can also be seen as Vėra, Вера (transliterated from Russian), and वेरा (in the Hindi language). In the United States, it is the 4818th most popular name according to the Social Security Administration's records.

Vera is also very common in Mexico and popular in other Spanish-speaking countries. In Mexico, it comes in third place according to the INEGI's list of most common surnames. It also is a common name in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Portugal, and Spain. Thus, Vera is a widespread and popular name in many places.

Variations of the surname Vera

The surname Vera can vary in spelling and origin depending on the language or country it originates from. In Spain, it may be spelled Viera, while in Portugal it may be spelled Veira. Other variants may include Veeras, Verra, Vierra, Veras and Vereez. In some Latin American countries, it may also be spelled Biera.

In France, the surname may be spelled as Verra, Verdier, Veron, Vaire, Verhac, Vergier and Verel. The Spanish version may also be spelt Veray or Veras. In Italy, it may also be spelt Verra or Verrazzo.

Another spelling for Vera is Verhaege, which is of Flemish origin. It is also found in Belgium, Netherlands, and other Flemish-speaking countries.

In Armenia, the surname may be spelt Veratsioni, which is derived from the Armenian word verats, which means "honey." In the United States, it may also be spelt Verhaeghe.

In Russia, it may be spelt Vereya. It is also found in parts of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. It is also seen in various spellings in the Arab world.

The surname is also found in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it may be spelled as Vere, Verah, Vear, Verrha, Verowski, and Vers.

In addition, there are a few surnames that may have originated from the Vera surname, including Vero, Verna, Verally, Verona and Verni.

Famous people with the name Vera

  • Vera Wang: Renowned fashion designer and couturier
  • Eugenia Vera: Argentine model
  • Ray Vera: Colombian composer
  • Elsa Pataky: Spanish actress
  • Lyudmila Veras: Ukrainian biathlete
  • Jeromey Vera: American TV actor
  • Orlando Vera: Chilean chess player and mathematician
  • Ricardo Vera: Mexican actor
  • Mayra Verónica: Cuban-American singer and actress
  • Esteban Vera: Spanish guitarist
  • Marcos VLoera: Mexican actor
  • Sofia Vergara: Colombian actress
  • Francisca Vera: Chilean politician
  • Esteban Vera-Arango: Colombian diplomat
  • Sofia Vera-Rivera: Mexican actress
  • Paz Vega: Spanish actress
  • Ana Vera: Argentine actress
  • José María Vera: Spanish playwright
  • Francisco Vera: Spanish actor
  • Mercedes Vera-Garcia: Spanish journalist

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