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Surname Vergeest - Meaning and Origin

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Vergeest: What does the surname Vergeest mean?

Vergeest is a Dutch surname derived from the Middle Dutch term 'verkest', meaning 'edge'. The name likely originated as an occupational surname, referring to someone who lived near or worked near the edge of a village, or possibly referring to someone who was responsible for having a good eye on the edge of the village's boundaries.

The Edge surname is also related to the verb 'vergeren', meaning 'to decline', which could be a reference to someone who had been reduced in livelihood or stature. Some people with this name were also believed to be members of a foreign military order, though there is no concrete evidence of this.

Vergeest can also be found in Flemish and Limburgian contexts. As a surname, it can be seen on monuments and gravestones dating all the way back to the eighteenth century. It is often a combination of other Dutch surnames such as Van der, Van den and Van der Meersch.

Today, many people with the last name Vergeest can be found in the Netherlands, Belgium and North America. It is also a fairly widespread surname elsewhere in Europe, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

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Vergeest: Where does the name Vergeest come from?

The surname Vergeest is predominantly found in The Netherlands, where it is very common today. It ranks in the top 200 names given to newborns in the country and is particularly prevalent in larger cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Dutch records show the name first surfaced in the 13th century, possibly as a variant of the family name Vergees.

The Netherlands also saw a great surge of Dutch emigrants to other parts of Europe and to North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, many families with the surname Vergeest living in the United States, Canada, and other parts of Europe can trace their ancestry back to Dutch emigrants.

The Vergeest family has been an influential one in Dutch society and politics throughout history. Pieter Vergeest, for example, was an influential Dutch politician at the turn of the 20th century. Pieter’s sons Jack and Frans Vergeest were both respected literary figures. Frans, in particular, acquired a great deal of acclaim for his works of fiction in the 1930s.

Many quickly recognize the Vergeest surname as a proud Dutch name. It is sure to remain common for years to come.

Variations of the surname Vergeest

Vergeest is an uncommon Dutch surname, originally derived from the personal name Vrederick or Frederick, meaning peaceful ruler. Variations of the surname include Vergeest, Vergist, Vergessen, Vergees, Vergeßen, and Vergesst.

Variant surnames originating from Vergeest include Vergees, Vergeese, Veree, Vergess, Verges, Vergez, Vergezen, Vergist, and Vergesse. All of these have the same root, and are derived from the Dutch language.

Variations in spelling often occur within families, as the spelling of the surname has often been altered due to the uncertain orthography of the Low Countries in past centuries. Other spelling variations include Vereess, Vergeese, Vergis, Verees, Vergiß, Vergißen, Vergeesen, Vergessen, Vergesen, Vergeßen, and Verseesen.

Surnames derived from the Vergeest surname include Versist, Vreges, Vrees, Vergeyst, Verset, Verplaetse, Vergast, Vergeyten, Verley, Vregessen, Vresselt, Vinsist, and Vrinsen. Though originating from a different root, these surnames are linked in various documentations and etymological analyses to the original Vergeest surname.

In summary, the oldest and most common spelling of the Vergeest surname is Vergeest, and it has a multitude of variations and derived surnames in both its spelling and surname form.

Famous people with the name Vergeest

  • Aron Vergeest: Professional Beach Volleyball Player from the Netherlands
  • Leo Vergeest: Dutch552 Footballer
  • Albert Vergeest: Dutch Footballer
  • Gijs Vergeest: Dutch Politician
  • Pieterijn Vergeest: Dutch Jester
  • Marja Vergeest: Dutch Designer
  • Jacco Vergeest: Dutch Artist
  • Peter Vergeest: Dutch Actor
  • Joop Vergeest: Dutch Animation Artist
  • Willem Vergeest: Dutch Entrepreneur

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