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Surname Vaasen - Meaning and Origin

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Vaasen: What does the surname Vaasen mean?

The last name Vaasen is a patronymic surname derived from the Dutch and Flemish language, likely originating from the Frisian language. It is believed to have originated from the word 'vase' or 'vass' which means 'servant' or 'belonging to'. It is also thought to be derived from words such as 'vause' which essentially means 'the people's house'.

As a surname, Vaasen is often associated with people who are of Dutch or Flemish descent. It is a relatively common surname in the Netherlands, as evidenced by its presence in the Netherlands Top 100 List from 2013-2019.

Some famous people with the last name Vaasen include Dutch footballer Jacques Vaasen, Dutch painter Folkert Vaasen, and Dutch actor Thomas Vaasen.

The meaning of the last name Vaasen is naroled in history and gives a glimpse into the people who had it. It gives an insight to the noble and strong origins of a people from the Netherlands and Flanders. The meaning also characterizes a person who stands by their country, values, and traditions, embodying loyalty and perseverance.

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Vaasen: Where does the name Vaasen come from?

The last name Vaasen is most commonly found in the Netherlands, the country of origin for this surname. As of 2018, the surname Vaasen is the 5,361st most common name in the Netherlands. It is most often found in the province of Limburg, located in the southern part of the Netherlands.

Vaasen is also a fairly common surname in Belgium, primarily in Flemish-speaking areas. As of 2015, the surname Vaasen is the 11,742nd most common name in Belgium. Additionally, it is fairly widespread in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern half of Belgium.

The last name Vaasen can also be found in other countries around the world, including in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the U.S., the surname is primarily found in states along the east coast such as New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. In the United Kingdom, the surname Vaasen is actually more common than it is in the Netherlands, specifically in South East England.

Finally, the name Vaasen is also found in other countries including Germany, South Africa, and Australia. In each of these countries, it is a relatively uncommon name, compared to other surnames from the same region.

Overall, the last name Vaasen is most common in the Netherlands and Flanders, while it is also found around the world in smaller numbers.

Variations of the surname Vaasen

The surname Vaasen, sometimes spelled as Vasen, Vassen, Vassene, or Vasene, is of Dutch origin and generally refers to the general area of Vasenland, which is located in the Netherlands.

The spelling variations of Vaasen is quite extensive, ranging from Vaser, Vashney, Vashon, and Vassis, to Vikingson, Vosien, Vahsen, and Vahson. In some instances even the surname Watase, Waters, and Wassen are closely linked to this last name.

Vaasen is an occupational surname which was derived from the Old Dutch word "vase," which stands for a vessel, container, or jar. During the Middle Ages, this name was typically referred to individuals who made and/or sold jugs, pots and barrels. Later on, the name Vaasen was associated with merchants who sold pottery, porcelain or an array of different kitchenware made from clay.

It is conceivable that a certain branch of the Vaasen family moved to England in the 1700s, where the spelling of their last name eventually changed to become Vassen, Vassene, Vasene, and Vassane.

In some instances, the spelling of the surname has also been changed to Vanasen, Vansie, Venison, and Fernson. This was quite common when immigrants moved to the United States and their name was misspelled.

The last name is found throughout Europe and America today, with the most prominent occurrence in the Netherlands, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Famous people with the name Vaasen

  • Adelyne Vaassen: Model and Instagram influencer
  • Gerrit Vaasen: Retired Dutch footballer
  • David Vaasen: French darts player
  • Maas Vaassen: Dutch television actor
  • Martine Vaassen: Dutch gymnast
  • Michael Vaassen: German footballer
  • Felix Vaassen: Dutch cyclist
  • Henny Vaassen: Dutch footballer
  • Jörn Vaasen: German TV actor
  • Tiemen Vaassen: Dutch volleyball player

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