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Surname Walberer - Meaning and Origin

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Walberer: What does the surname Walberer mean?

The last name Walberer is of German origin and derives from the Middle High German word "walwere". The literal meaning of this word is “watchman” or “protector,”and suggests that the original bearer of the surname was likely a guard or a watchman in the ancient context.

The surname Walberer dates back a few hundred years to the Middle Ages, and would have been most commonly found in Bavaria. It is likely that the name originated from the village of Walburg, located in Germany around the 16th century, which was likely named after Saint Walburga.

Later on, immigration trends spread the name to other parts of the world. Many bearing the name Walberer have found themselves in the United States, as well as family names such as Waulberer (Switzerland) and Walpurgis (Holland).

Today, the name Walberer continues to be part of German heritage and culture, and remains as a testament to the Germanic influence over Europe’s language and history. It is not uncommon to see the surname in German literature, particularly the rich poetry and music that continue to hold a strong presence throughout German speaking countries.

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Walberer: Where does the name Walberer come from?

The last name Walberer is thought to have originated in Germany. It is believed to mean “ruler of the wall” in German and is believed to be an occupational name for someone responsible for building and maintaining castles and city walls during Medieval times.

Since its origin in Germany, the name has spread throughout various parts of Europe and the world. Today, the surname Walberer is most common in the countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. However, it also appears among populations in other parts of Europe, such as in the Netherlands and England. In addition, the name can also be found in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, where it was brought over by German immigrants.

In terms of population frequency, the surname Walberer is not particularly common. In the United States, it ranks around 25,099 in the Social Security Administration’s list of most common last names.

In general, the name Walberer remains a less common last name today, however, it still appears around the world in countries with sizable German populations.

Variations of the surname Walberer

The surname Walberer has several variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin. Some of these variations include Walbrugger, Walberger, Walburghier, Wallbrugger, Wallberger, and Wallburghier. It is believed that the original spelling of the name, Walberer, is derived from medieval Latin and is a combination of two words; wallis, meaning 'foreigner', and bercari, meaning 'merchant'. It is believed that this surname was used to describe foreign merchants who traded their goods in Germany or the surrounding areas of Europe.

The name Walberer is common in Germany and Switzerland, though it is rarely seen beyond those countries. The other variants and spellings mentioned above are also found in these same regions. It is also possible to find the variants Wallbrugger, Wallberger, and Wallburghier in countries such as Austria, France, and other German-speaking countries.

In addition to these variants, there are a few other surnames of similar origin. For example, Walboecker, Walboord, Wolbacher, Waldbauer, Walburgher, and Wallbucher. These variations are commonly found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the German-speaking countries of Western Europe.

Finally, it is possible to find a few surnames of unrelated origins that have similar spellings or pronunciations, such as Baldegger, Baldger, Baldinger, and Belbauer. These surnames are not related to the surname Walberer.

Famous people with the name Walberer

  • Richard Walberer: He was a German-American officer of the US Navy during World War II and a recipient of the Navy Cross for his heroic actions.
  • Eleanor Walberer: She was an American pediatric neurologist best known for her research into the use of physical agents for the treatment of infantile paralysis.
  • Robert Walberer: American silent film actor who was in The Man Without a Country (1919).
  • Willi Walberer: German composer and conductor who died in 2013.
  • Helmut Walberer: Austrian conductor and composer of operettas.
  • Charlotte Walberer: Edwardian-era Quaker activist and advocate for pacifism.
  • Ed Walberer: Noted American attorney who worked on the defense team for the Scottsboro Boys.
  • Baron Secker Julius von Walberer: Swedish diplomat and ambassador to France from 1901-1915.
  • Ludwig Walberer: German tabacco merchant, co-founder of the now-defunct company “W. Walberer und Comp.”
  • Karl Walberer: 19th century German sculptor and teacher. Most well-known for his works in the churches of Cologne.

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