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Surname Walbers - Meaning and Origin

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Walbers: What does the surname Walbers mean?

The last name Walbers is a surname originating in the Netherlands. It is of patronymic origin, meaning the surname derived from the given name of the father of the initial bearer. The given name associated with this surname was probably Walter, meaning "army ruler" in German.

Walbers is an occupational surname, possibly referring to a textile worker or one who weaves fabric. It may also refer to a smallholder or one who owned a small portion of land to cultivate. This last name may also have evolved from the word “walbreker” meaning "sea breaker" or a person belonging to a seafaring noble family.

Walbers may be spelled with various variations, such as Walbersen, Walberse, Wallbergs, Walbress, Welbers, Welberse, and Wellburs. It is recorded in various Dutch provinces up until the early 19th century.

Today, those with the last name Walbers can be found living in the Netherlands, Germany, USA, and many other countries around the world due to emigration in the 19th and 20th centuries. Those with the Walbers surname may proudly trace their roots back to Dutch origins and even find out more about their family’s history through genealogical research.

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Walbers: Where does the name Walbers come from?

The last name Walbers is not particularly common today, but it is most commonly found in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

In the Netherlands, the name is most prevalent in western, southern, and northern regions, in places such as Zeeland, Overijssel, and Drenthe. It is thought to have been derived from the Dutch word "Walbreuk" which translates as the area between two rivers. In Belgium, the name is mainly concentrated in the east of the country around the Limburg and Wallonia regions, while in Germany, it is found mainly in the northern areas including Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Lower Saxony.

The etymology of the name is unknown, but it is possible that it may have been derived from a Dutch or German word meaning 'valley stream'. Alternatively, it could be related to the German words 'wall' (wall) and 'bert' (bright), and so may be connected to an old family name.

Overall, the Walbers name is not particularly common today, but it does have connections to people and places in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. It is likely that those who have this last name can trace their roots and family history back to those countries.

Variations of the surname Walbers

The surname Walbers is usually derived from the German given name Waldberaht, composed of two components: 'wald', meaning 'woods' and 'beraht', meaning 'shining'. As such, the name likely originated from someone who lived in or near woodlands.

Variants of this surname include Walberger, Walberer, Waldberger, Walpacher, Walbesser, Walbrechner, Walbreker, and Walbreker. Spellings of the surname include Walbere, Walbrecht, Walbrest, Walbrot, Walbrust, Walbracht, Walbrucke, and Walbreker.

There are numerous surnames derived from Walbers, including Walberg, Wallberger, Wallbrecht, Wahlberg, Wahlbacher, Walgenbach, Wilberger, Wilberer, Wilberger, Wilbrucker, Wilbruck, Welburger, Wellbacher, and Wellbrauch. All these surnames are similar in origin to Walbers, signifying someone who lived near woodlands.

Walbers is also a Dutch surname which shares a similar etymology to its German counterpart. The Dutch variant is Walbers, which may also be found under the spelling Walberts and Walbertsen. This version of the surname likely dates back to someone who lived in a settlement near the Dutch town of Walbers.

All in all, there are numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Walbers, all of which indicate someone who lived near woodlands in either Germany or the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Walbers

  • Micaiah Walbers: Director of Photography based in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Tyrel Walbers: Professional Motorsports driver currently driving in the Stock Car Brazil Series.
  • Amanda Walbers: Entrepreneur and founder of Women Who Lead, a non-profit that provides mentorship and leadership opportunities for women.
  • Kelly Walbers: Singer-songwriter and former lead vocalist for the independent band Alamo Hill.
  • Jessica Walbers: Television actress and director known for her work in the popular sci-fi drama series Travelers.
  • Tom Walbers: Dutch actor and comedian with credits in The Following, Lost in Translation, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal.
  • Diane Walbers: Philanthropist and founder of the Walbers Foundation, which provides scholarships for underprivileged students.
  • Nathan Walbers: Award-winning children’s book illustrator and author of the popular series Tim and The Dragon.
  • Colin Walbers: Glass artist and sculptor known for his work in abstract shapes and vibrant colors.
  • Matthew Walbers: Professional tennis player who reached a career-high ranking of world No. 71 in singles and world No. 213 in doubles.

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