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Surname Walbersmann - Meaning and Origin

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Walbersmann: What does the surname Walbersmann mean?

The surname Walbersmann is of German and Dutch origin. It is derived from the old German word "Walber," which means ruler, and "mann," which signifies a person. Put together, Walbersmann thus translates to mean roughly ‘ruling man.’

The name can be found in records of German and Dutch nobility as far back as the 13th century. Walbersmanns were typically wealthy landowners who held positions of authority in their communities, often wielding the title of "lord" or "lady."

Tracing the history of Walbersmann families reveals various divisions within Germany and parts of the Netherlands over the following centuries, as well as several changes of spellings.

Today, the Walbersmann name is mostly associated with northern Germany and some families can still trace their ancestral line all the way back to the 13th century. It is widely recognized throughout Germany and the Netherlands as a distinguished and respected name.

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Walbersmann: Where does the name Walbersmann come from?

The last name Walbersmann is most commonly found in Germany today. It is a German surname which dates back to at least the early 1600s when it was first recorded in the region of Brandenburg. It remains one of the most numerous surnames found in Germany today with over 5,000 people known to be named Walbersmann, according to records from the Turnesearch National naming database.

The surname is thought to originate from the words "wal" and "berse" which means "shore" and "cabin" respectively in German. It is therefore likely that when the name first emerged it was a description of a person who lived near a shore, for example near a lake or river.

The surname is mainly concentrated in the northern and western parts of Germany, although it can be found across the country. In recent years, due to modern migration and population movement, it is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the rest of Europe, particularly in France and the Netherlands.

Despite its origins, there are no notable people known of today with the name Walbersmann, although it may be possible to trace family members back to the brick-and-mortar farms which represent many of the old German villages in the area.

Variations of the surname Walbersmann

The surname Walbersmann is believed to derive from Germanic origins, with the suffix ‘-mann’ meaning ‘man’. Variations of this surname can include Walpersman, Walbursmann, Walpersmann, Walbaersman, Walbaersmann, Walbaersmanns and Walpersgenre.

Walbaersmann is a Dutch spelling variation of this surname, with Walpersman being a more common variant of Walpcersman. The spellings Walbursmann and Walpersmann are, however, unique to Germany. Walbaersman and Walbaersmanns are also possible spellings, being more classically German and indicating regional origins. Walpersgenre is another possible spelling for this surname, found in both Germany and the Netherlands.

The etymology of the surname Walbersmann is “man of Walburg”. The surname probably originated in Westphalia in northwestern Germany.

When looking for variants of this surname, it is important to consider various spellings due to the diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds it comes from. Consequently, research into the past of this surname is key to understanding its various spellings and origins.

Famous people with the name Walbersmann

  • Andreas Walbersmann: German footballer
  • Robert Walbersmann: German auto racing driver
  • Gerd Walbersmann: former German footballer
  • Johannes Walbersmann: former German footballer
  • Franz Walbersmann: German violin maker
  • Jakob Walbersmann: topographer in Germany
  • Rosina Walbersmann: German actress
  • Artur Walbersmann: German art historian
  • Anke Walbersmann: sculptor in Germany
  • Ann Kathrin Walbersmann: German reasercher and physiologist

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