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Surname Walrad - Meaning and Origin

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Walrad: What does the surname Walrad mean?

The surname Walrad is of German origin and has a variety of potential meanings depending on the etymology. Many Germanic names are compound words, where two elements are combined to create the name. In the case of Walrad, the name could be derived from the elements "wal," meaning "rule" and "rad" meaning "counsel" or "advice". Thus, one possible interpretation is "he who rules with counsel or advice". Another source suggests it could mean “forest counsel". However, without a specific historical context or genealogical background, it's hard to definitively assign a meaning to the name. It's also important to note that surnames can change in spelling and meaning over generations and across regions, so meanings can diverge or evolve over time.

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Walrad: Where does the name Walrad come from?

The last name Walrad is most common in the United States, though it is less common than many others. According to the US Census in 2020, an estimated 0.002% of individuals carry the last name. Specifically, the highest concentration of Walrads can be found in Wisconsin. As per the census, Walrad is the 33,886th most common surname in the United States.

Though the last name Walrad is not common throughout the entire United States, there are still many Walrads living in the US. Data indicates that the surname had its origins in Germany, and is derived from the name Waldrad, which loosely translates to ruler of the forest.

Outside of the United States, Walrad has a higher concentration in some parts of Europe. For example, the surname is fairly common in Luxembourg, where 1.9% of the population has the name. Additionally, around 1.3% of people living in Austria carry the last name. Walrad is also present in France and Belgium, where is found in very limited numbers.

Though Walrad is not one of the most common surnames in the world, there are still hundreds of people with this last name throughout the United States and Europe. It’s likely that as the population continues to grow and immigration continues, the number of people with the surname Walrad will continue to rise.

Variations of the surname Walrad

The surname Walrad is a German based surname and is derived from a variety of sources including names originating from the German states of Wurttemberg and Prussia.

Variant spellings and surnames with the same origin for walrad include Walradt, Walrath, Walrodt, Walroth, Walrott, Wolrad, Wolradt, Wohlrad, Wohlradt, Wohlrath, Wohlratht, Wohldrad and Wohlrodt.

The surname Walrad is also derived from the Old German personal names Waldger, Walther or Volrath. These names were derived from Germanic words such as 'wald' (forest) and Ger and 'walt' (happiness) and 'heri, hari' (army). All of these names combined mean forest army and were given to families signifying a need for protection within the confines of the forest.

The variants of the name have spread widely, including to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Austria. The variants are more common in the East German regions than in other parts of the country.

Variants of the name can sometimes be confused with Walrand, which is an entirely separate surname stemming from old English roots.

The most common roots of the surname Walrad are to be found in the different forms spread throughout Europe, stemming from the same origin, with each of these distinct forms being part of a common family tree.

Famous people with the name Walrad

  • Archbishop Walrad (673: 740), member of the Carolingian dynasty
  • Beat Walrad (1060-1123), German nobleman
  • Count Walrad of Virneburg (ca. 1090-ca. 1150), German noble
  • David Walrad (1917-1998), American Major League Baseball player
  • Egon Walrad (1868-1963), German scientist and geologist
  • Frank Walrad (1877-1960), German politician
  • Josef Walrad (1771–1842), Austrian composer and violinist
  • Marie Walrad (1910-1963), German actress
  • Matthew Walrad (born 1975), Australian footballer
  • Maud Walrad (1910-1976), German actress
  • Paul Walrad (1864- 1950), Swiss cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Robert Walrad (1784-1868), German botanist
  • Thomas J. Walrad (1845-1902), American Civil War veteran and politician
  • Viti Walrad (active 1883-1898), English racehorse trainer

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