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Surname Walrath - Meaning and Origin

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Walrath: What does the surname Walrath mean?

The surname Walrath is of German origin, derived from Middle High German terms "Wal" and "Rat." "Wal" translates to "ruler" or "might," and "Rat" translates to "counsel" or "advice". Hence, Walrath can be interpreted as "mighty in counsel" or "powerful advisor". It likely started as a personal name or nickname for a wise leader or advisor, before eventually becoming a hereditary surname. Like many surnames that originated as descriptive terms or occupations, Walrath offers insight into the history of the family and their early role in society. Surnames bearing similar meanings exist in other Germanic languages, reflecting the common values of wisdom and leadership in the culture.

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Walrath: Where does the name Walrath come from?

The last name Walrath is still in use today in multiple countries all over the world. The surname is most common in Germany, although there is a relatively small population of people bearing the name in the United States and in other parts of Europe. According to Ancestry DNA data, the surname Walrath is most commonly found in the region of Baden-Württemberg, located in southwestern Germany. Other significant populations can also be found in parts of Belgium and Luxembourg.

In the United States, the surname Walrath is most commonly seen in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. People named Walrath are thought to have German-American ancestry, as these states are home to a very large German-American population.

In addition to Germany, the United States, and parts of Europe, the surname Walrath can be found in multiple other countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In Australia, the surname is most prominent in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Overall, although the surname Walrath is not particularly common or populous, it can still be found in many countries all around the world. It is most prominent in Germany, as well as the United States and parts of Europe.

Variations of the surname Walrath

The surname Walrath can be spelled Walrath, Walrath, Walrath, Walroth, and Walraht. These spellings have been used interchangeably throughout history, and were used to reflect personal, cultural, and regional variations.

Variants of the surname Walrath include Wahlert, Wallrath, Walrade, Waelrath, Walraadt, Gwaltraut, Walraut, Waelrath, Waelraud, Walraed, Waelrauth, Waelrad, Waltraut, Waltrait, and Walrad. Again, historically these have been used interchangeably depending on the region and the individual.

Surnames related to Walrath vary by region or culture. In Germany, the related surnames include Walradt, Wohlert, Wolther, Wellroth, and Welradt. In the United Kingdom, the related surnames include Withers, Waltham, Wooton, and Wooldridge. In the United States, some related surnames are Wallriff, Waldref, Wallerich, Wallraff, Walraden, Walradin, Walradt, Wallread, Walridge, and Wollowitz.

Overall, the Walrath surname can be found in various cultures and the spelling may differ depending on the family or region. Throughout history, the various spellings, variants, and surnames associated with the surname Walrath have been used interchangeably with variations based on personal and cultural preference.

Famous people with the name Walrath

  • Peter Walrath, American author, journalist, and TV director
  • Daniel Walrath, American neurosurgeon and professor
  • Cheslyne Walrath, American civil rights activist
  • Henry Walrath, American attorney and politician
  • Thomas Walrath, American baseball umpire
  • Connie Walrath, American journalist
  • Bill Walrath, American artist and illustrator
  • Clyde Walrath, American basketball coach, athletic director, and college president
  • Dave Walrath, American football player
  • Mandy Walrath, American writer and children's book author

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