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Surname Walrod - Meaning and Origin

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Walrod: What does the surname Walrod mean?

The surname Walrod is of German origin. The name is a compound of two elements: "wald," meaning "forest," and "rad," meaning "counsel" or "advice." Thus, the name can be translated as "forest counsel" or "counsel from the woods." This suggests that the bearers of this surname could have held positions of authority or wisdom within their communities, perhaps providing counsel or advice on matters related to the forest, such as hunting, foraging, or matters of environmental importance. It's also possible that they lived in or near a forest, and the name was simply geographical in nature. As with many surnames, its exact origin and meaning can be somewhat speculative, as the development and assignment of surnames is often influenced by many factors including occupation, location, personal characteristics, and historical events.

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Walrod: Where does the name Walrod come from?

The surname Walrod is likely of Germanic origin and is found primarily in the United States, Germany, and England. In the United States, the Walrod surname is most prevalent in the midwestern states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Within Wisconsin, the largest concentration of the surname is in Dane County, where almost 200 individuals carry the name.

As of the 2020 US Census, the most populous states for Walrod surname are Minnesota (3,207 individuals), Wisconsin (2,338 individuals), and North Dakota (2,126 individuals). Other states with significant occurrences of the name include Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota. Meanwhile, in Germany the Walrod surname is common in both North Rhine-Westphalia and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern states. In England, the Walrod surname is most prevalent in its East Midlands region.

The surname is likely derived from the Germanic name Walrod, which was composed of the elements “wald” (meaning wood) and “rod” (meaning fame or renown). In medieval Germanic times the popular surname denoted someone who garnered respect or achieved heroic deeds in the forests. It’s possible that the origin of the surname reflects that of a particular ancestral relative who might have served as a hunter or lawman in previous centuries.

Today the Walrod surname is not particularly common, but those who bear the name are scattered throughout various parts of the world, as a testament to the migratory and nomadic nature of humanity.

Variations of the surname Walrod

The surname Walrod is derived from various sources and has many variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

Walrod (or Walrad, Walraed, Walrode or Vallabed) is of Germanic origin and is derived from the Germanic personal name "Walther" (or Walter). Walrod, therefore, means "ruler" or "leader".

In the UK and in other English-speaking countries, the surname is recorded as Walrod, Walrode, Walraed, or Vallabed.

In France, the Walrod surname is recorded as Vallabed or Vallaud.

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the surname is recorded as Walyrath, Walerath, Walrad, or Walerrat.

In Italy, the surname is recorded as Wallerod, Wallerrod or Valerod.

In Spain, the surname is recorded as Valero or Valerrod.

In South Africa, the surname is recorded as Wallerode.

In the United States, the surname is recorded as Walrod, Walrad, Walerod, Wallerod, Valerod, Valerad, Valerode or Velerod.

Overall, the Walrod surname is quite common and can be found in many documents and records. The spelling of this surname may vary by region and country, but all of the variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin are all ultimately derived from the Germanic personal name "Walther" (or Walter).

Famous people with the name Walrod

  • Caitlyn Walrod, American paralympic swimmer
  • Daylin Walrod, American politician
  • Kathy Walrod, American politician
  • Stacey Walrod, American dancer
  • David Walrod, American record producer
  • Jerome Walrod, American actor
  • Mark Walrod, American film director
  • Eva Walrod, English actress
  • Scott Walrod, American beatboxer
  • Alex Walrod, American entrepreneur

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