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Surname Walroth - Meaning and Origin

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Walroth: What does the surname Walroth mean?

The surname Walroth is of German origin. However, it doesn't appear to have a well-known, definitive meaning. The meaning of a surname can usually be understood by dissecting the name into its components and translating those from its original language. Due to linguistic evolutions and variations over centuries, some surnames have lost their meanings or became slightly blurred over time. In many cases, last names such as Walroth could be derived from a profession, a characteristic, a location, or a combination of these. Surname meanings also depend heavily on regional variations and dialects. For instance, 'Wal' could potentially mean 'forest', and 'Roth' could potentially mean 'red' in certain German dialects. Therefore, it could suggest someone who lived by a red forest or possibly a profession linked to that location. However, this is purely speculative and the exact meaning might be lost in history. To get a definitive answer one might need to research further into their specific family history and genealogy.

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Walroth: Where does the name Walroth come from?

The last name Walroth is not particularly common today, however, it is mostly found in the United States, Canada, Britain and other countries with large immigrant populations. It is the 31,5631st most common last name in the United States, and has derived its name from an ancient Germanic family or tribe names who settled in North America in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The name is found in the census from as early as 1880 when a John Walroth was recorded as living in Wisconsin with his family. Since then, the surname has slowly spread throughout the US.

In the UK, Walroth is much rarer, but there are still records of the name, mostly in East Anglia and other parts of the East of England. It's possible that the surname has been around longer in Britain, with records from as early as Tudor and Elizabethan times.

The majority of modern Walroth's are likely descended from the aforementioned Germanic settlers, with American records being much more available. It's also possible that some of the British Walroth's may have descended from families who arrived in Britain during the 19th century from central Europe.

Variations of the surname Walroth

The Walroth surname is of German origin and is derived from a place name which refers to a manor in North Thuringia, Germany. Variants of the surname include Walrider, Walrath, Walkraut, Walraut, and Walraet. Other spellings include Walrad, Walrode, Walred, and Walread.

Walroth can be found in different regions across the world due to migration. The name is associated with numerous languages, including German (Walrode), Dutch (Walrode) and Latin (Valerad).

In Germany, Walroth can also be found written as Walrod, Walrox, Walort, and Walraut. Due to the popularity of this surname in Germany, many families have taken on different spellings over the centuries in order to differentiate themselves from each other.

In the United States, some variations of the surname include Walrath, Wallroth, Walrode, Walrade, Wallrath, Walroed, and Walrueda. In Dutch, some spellings include Walraat and Walraet. Other surnames with the same origin that may be related to Walroth are Weelroth and Wooldridge.

Interestingly, the surname Walroth was also adopted by Jewish families in the 19th century, who changed their surnames in an effort to hide their identity and assimilate in German society. The surname in this context can be written as Walhroth, Walruth, Wahlroth, and Walbruch.

In conclusion, the Walroth surname has several variations, spellings, and related surnames, and is found in various countries around the world due to migrations. It can be written in numerous languages and adopted by Jewish families in the 19th century.

Famous people with the name Walroth

  • John Walroth: John Walroth is a former professional football player who played as a defensive back in the National Football League (NFL). Walroth had a four-year career in the NFL, playing for the Los Angeles Rams, the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders from 1978 to 1981.
  • Anita Walroth: Anita Walroth is an American playwright and director. She has written and directed many plays including Romeo and Juliet; Once in a Lifetime, a play based on an Eddie Cantor short story; and A Midsummer Night's Dream. She is a professor of directing at California State University, Fullerton.
  • Gregory Walroth: Gregory Walroth is an American composer. He has composed music for films and television, such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family. He has also written many concert works for both orchestra and chamber ensemble.
  • Stephen Walroth: Stephen Walroth is a cinematographer. He has been a cinematographer for films like Little Man Tate, K-PAX, and Rails & Ties. He has also been the Director of Photography for many television series and made for TV movies.
  • Robert Walroth: Robert Walroth is a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and a former professor of finance at the University of California, Davis. He is the author of several books including: Business Finance and Analysis, Advanced Corporate Finance, and The Theory of Investment.

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