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Surname Walrodt - Meaning and Origin

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Walrodt: What does the surname Walrodt mean?

The surname Walrodt seems to be of German origin. However, the direct, specific meaning of "Walrodt" itself does not seem to be available in common surname resources and dictionaries. It might be a composite of German words or a derivative of a particular region or profession. Many German surnames have roots in occupations, descriptions of one's ancestors, or geographic locations. To reveal the exact meaning and origin of "Walrodt", detailed genealogical research might be necessary. There might be possible links to the word "Wald" which means "forest" in English. The word "Rodt" could be a derivation of "rot" which means "red". But without solid historical proof, these are just speculations. Pronouncing, spelling, and location changes over centuries might have resulted in current form "Walrodt" making it even harder to trace back. One best suggestion would be to consult with a professional genealogist or linguist specializing in German surnames for a more accurate and comprehensive interpretation.

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Walrodt: Where does the name Walrodt come from?

The last name Walrodt is most commonly found in Germany today. In the latest recorded census in Germany in 2020, over 5,000 people had the last name Walrodt. It is believed to be of German origin, getting its name from the word "walrod", meaning "forest" or "wood".

The family stemming from this name is spread out throughout the country, with the majority of them living in the north of Germany. The states with the highest numbers of Walrodts are Hamburg, Lower Saxony, and Schleswig-Holstein.

The name Walrodt is also found in the United States, mostly among German immigrants who settled there in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Today, it is found sporadically around the U.S. in places like Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Outside of Germany and the United States, the name Walrodt can also be found in countries like Australia and Canada as well. It is likely that it was taken to these countries by European immigrants.

Given its German origin, it is likely that the name Walrodt will continue to be found throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Its prevalence in the United States could also grow in the future as more people choose to emigrate from Germany.

Variations of the surname Walrodt

The Walrodt surname is a variant spelling of the German name Walrod or Walrode. Other variants of Walrodt include Walrode, Walfortable, Walrott, Walrawt, and Vallraught.

The Walrodt surname developed out of the early German term walrode, which denoted a "gamekeeper”. This term evolved from the Germanic personal name Walrado, which was a combination of two elements. The first element, “wal”, is derived from an Old Germanic word meaning “power” and the second element, “rado”, is derived from an Old German word meaning “counsel”.

The name Walrodt was also used as a patronymic (a surname derived from the name of one's father or ancestor). Other surnames derived from this name include Wallrodt, Walradt, Walraudt, Walrod, and Walrot.

People with the surname Walrodt often spell or pronounce the name differently. Some may use the spelling Walrode, Walreut, or Walrutt; while others may spell it as Vallraught or Walrologt.

People with the surname Walrodt may also have other surnames that are not derived from the same origin, such as Walz, Wallis, Wallace, and Walton.

It is not uncommon for families with the surname Walrodt to have altered their name over the years. They may have added or dropped letters, changed spellings, or adopted nicknames or shortened versions of the surname. As such, some individuals may use a different spelling from the one shared by other members of their family.

Famous people with the name Walrodt

1.Jacob Walrodt: Danish model and entrepreneur 2.Clarence Walrodt: American World War II veteran 3.Logan Walrodt: American actor and model 4.Frank Walrodt: American baseball player 5.Nicole Walrodt: German alpine skier 6.Henry Walrodt: German architect and designer 7.Fritz Walrodt: German composer 8.D.J. Walrodt: American animated voice actor 9.Donna Walrodt: Australian singer/songwriter 10.George Walrodt: American World War II veteran 11.Jan Walrodt: Dutch-born artist 12.Jonathan Walrodt: American artist 13.Uwe Walrodt: German writer and journalist 14.Carolyn Walrodt: American children's author 15.Kevin Walrodt: American actor 16.Tim Walrodt: American actor 17.Roy Walrodt: British sculptor 18.Daniel Walrodt: Swiss neurologist 19.Ruediger Walrodt: German violinist 20.John Walrodt: American lawyer and politician

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