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Surname Warsham - Meaning and Origin

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Warsham: What does the surname Warsham mean?

The last name Warsham is of English origin and is an occupational type of surname. It is thought to derive from the Old English personal name 'Waer' along with the suffix 'ham' which is an element of a place name. This suggests that the original bearer of the name was a man who worked at or lived near the place associated with 'Waer'.

The surname itself can be found mainly around East Anglia and other parts of the east of England, with some records of it being in the Yorkshire area. It is still fairly rare in comparison to other surnames, with approximately 500 people across the world being recorded to carry the name.

The name also has links to another possible source being 'warriors home'. This comes from the Old English word 'wearhaem', a compound of 'waru' meaning 'weir' or 'fortified area', and 'haem', which is the family or home. This might suggest that the original bearer of the name was a warrior or a person associated with a warrior's home.

No matter what its origin, the surname Warsham remains relatively uncommon and is still found mainly in the East Anglia region of England where records of it first began to appear.

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Warsham: Where does the name Warsham come from?

Today, the surname Warsham is mainly found in England, particularly the counties of Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. It is also known to be present in some other parts of the United Kingdom, such as Cheshire and Northamptonshire, as well as in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

The surname Warsham is believed to have been derived from the Old English personal name W¬h‹ær›, which means “financial advisor” or “counselor”, combined with the common second element “ham” – a common placename appended to farmsteads, villages and other localities.

It is likely that the first to have the surname Warsham were lords of the manor, or members of a prominent family with a stronghold nearby. Over time, the surname has likely spread from its origin to new locations as people moved around the country. Today, it is one of the more unusual surnames, with some estimating that around 15,000 people across the world bear the name.

While it may not always be possible to trace one's ancestry straight to their ancient Anglo-Saxon origins, it is clear that Warsham remains a proud English surname that is part of many family trees across the world.

Variations of the surname Warsham

The surname Warsham has numerous variants, spellings, and related surnames. Included in these are Warrsham, Warrshom, Warsham, Warshom, Warisham, Warishom, Worsham, Worshom, Worshame, Worfholm, and Worffholm.

The original spelling of the name, seen in various records dating back to the 1500s, is Warsham. The double r in Warrsham is faintly seen in some very old documents, yet it looks to have been a misreading of Warsham. This "r" could have also been added along the way, especially around the 1600s. It is also very possible that it could be a variation of the German/Scandinavian surname, Warffholm.

The name Warisham, is a variant of Warsham, derived from the OE name, Warcius. In medieval times this OE name of Warcius was often spelled Warchius. This may have been shortened to Warish, then to Warsham, and eventually to Warisham or Warishom.

Worsham is another variant of the surname Warsham, with Worsham being the older spelling. This variation is seen in documents in the 1500s and can likely be traced to the expansion of the OE, Warcius, to become Worscius, Worsham and Worshom.

The variants Worfholm and Worffholm, seen in Scandinavia, may have been derived directly from the name Warsham, or may have been a contracted form of Warffholm, which in turn could have been derived from the OE name, Warcius.

Famous people with the name Warsham

  • Jack Warsham: Canadian Football League player
  • Derrick Warsham: English Footballer
  • Ryan Warsham : Professional Golfer
  • Mary Warsham: English actress
  • Brian Warsham: American sportscaster
  • A.J. Warsham: Canadian professional wrestler
  • Michael Warsham: British actor
  • Sarah Warsham: English equestrian showjumper
  • John Warsham: New Zealand cricketer
  • Laura Warsham: British R&B singer

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