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The BosleyDNAProject Surname Project


The Bosley Surname DNA project is intended for any male with a similar surname (see the list below). Similar surnames with non-British origins (Boslet, Beausoleil) are welcome. Males who are from an unbroken male line in one of these surnames will be most helpful in discovering your surname origins. Adoptions and other "nonpaternity events" (NPEs) such as "out of wedlock" births are a part of life; males with a relevant surname from families with histories of such events are welcome in this project. The goal of Y-chromosome DNA testing is to prove whether or not two families are related, based on specific markers in the DNA of the Y chromosome. This can be in lieu of a "paper trail," where no historical records exist (although there may be family legends); it can also be done to confirm the validity of the documented paper trail. (Errors in records, or in their interpretation, DO occur.) Beyond just finding whether two families are related, DNA testing can sometimes be used to show which branches are closer to each other and which are more distant, allowing a group of families to be arranged into a larger tree covering many generations, showing which families probably branched off soon after the earliest common ancestor, and which branches split more recently. Based on surname distributions in censuses from the 1800s, as well as birth/marriage/death references to Bosleys before 1600, there may have been AT LEAST two (maybe 3 or 4) distinct major origins of Bosleys in England. * Are most Bosleys from Berkshire, Herefordshire, Somerset, & Gloucester (~ Wessex) related? How far in the past was the most recent common ancestor? * Are Bosleys from Cheshire a completely separate group from those of Berkshire etc.? Or are there several different Bosley lineages from Cheshire /Staffordshire? * For Bosleys in the melting-pots (metro areas like London /Middlesex, or in regions abroad, the colonies), from WHICH group of Bosleys did your lineage originate? With enough people tested for comparison, we can get very clear answers to questions like these. A few people who now spell their name Bosley actually descend from the German Boslet or the French & Canadian Beausoleil (sometimes a 'dit' name). Since there are no projects for these surnames, I will include them here, so that the same types of questions can be addressed for these surnames. If there is enough interest, eventually these different surnames can be spun off into their own projects. Contact me at rtx at cox dot net



Other surnames in Project

Basleigh, Basley, Basli, Bazley, Beausoleil, Boasley, Boseley, Bosely, Bosle, Boslee, Bosler, Boslet, Boslett, Bosley, Bosslet, Bossley, Bozely, Bozley, Yemm

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