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The Brabazon Surname Project


The whole Brabazon Family was thought to have originated from the two sons, Edward and Anthony, of Sir William Brabazon in Ireland in the 1530s. However, it appears that there MAY have been a name change from O Brollaghain to Brabazon, as a Clan group in Cavan in about 1600 and individually elsewhere (which would explain Irish Pre-Tudor Brabazon records). This project seeks to establish if all male Brabazons are blood relatives or whether some are in name only. In the course of establishing such, we also hope to find the O Brollaghain identifier (assuming there is one) and maybe matching this - at a later date - with O Brollaghain descendants who had their name changed to Bradley by English bureaucracy. Further, by using the 25-marker test we hope to establish branch links within the genetic Brabazon tree (e.g. 7th cousins as distinct from 10th). In this way, we can bridge the gap where the paper trail dries up, and potentially save a lot of time, effort and money.



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