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Surname Abels - Meaning and Origin

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Q. Abels

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Abels: What does the surname Abels mean?

The surname Abels has its origins in Northern Europe, particularly in areas with a strong German and Dutch influence. It is derived from the Hebrew personal name Abel, which means 'breath' or 'temporary.' Throughout history, this name has been used in honor of the second son of Adam and Eve, who was murdered by his brother Cain out of jealousy. The surname could also be patronymic, meaning 'son of Abel,' particularly under the Dutch tradition where an 's' is added to a father's first name to create a last name. Hence, Abels implies descent from a patriarch named Abel. As with many surnames, geographical and family migrations over centuries have led to its presence in various parts across the globe. Therefore, Abels is a surname denoting familial history, Christian tradition, and descent.

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Abels: Where does the name Abels come from?

The last name Abels is of German origin. It is believed to have derived from the Hebrew personal name Hevel, better known in English as 'Abel', the second son of Adam and Eve from the Biblical story in the Old Testament. The name itself means 'breath' or 'transitory'. It was often given as a first name in the Middle Ages, honoring the Christian martyr and saint, Abel of Reims. As a surname, it most likely developed as a patronymic, meaning 'son of Abel'.

The surname Abels is common in Germany and can also be found in countries with a significant population of German descent such as the United States and Canada. Moreover, due to historical emigration patterns, this surname also became fairly widespread in the Netherlands, suggesting that some of the bearers of this name might have Dutch ancestry. The variant spellings of Abels include Abeles, Abelson, and Abeln. It is less common in English-speaking countries, but still in use.

Variations of the surname Abels

The surname Abels belongs to German, Dutch, and English origin. Variants of this surname often represent patronymic names derived from the personal name Abel.

The Dutch version often includes "van" before the name as in "Van Abels". The English use can be simply "Abel".

Other variants include Abelson, Abeln, and Abelsson. The spelling can also be altered to include single 'b' or 'l' or even with double 's' such as Ables, Able, and Abelss. Some families might add a suffix -man, leading to Abelman.

Similar surnames derived from the same root name Abel include Abelard, Abela, Abele, Abell, Abeles, Abellana, and so on. Some families with Jewish origin might carry "Abelsky" or "Abelson".

Each of these versions reflects a slight cultural or regional difference in the use of the surname. Keep in mind that as families moved and migrated, they often changed the spelling or form of their last name for various reasons, such as to fit in better with a new locale or to make the name easier to spell or pronounce.

Famous people with the name Abels

  • Clarke Abel: A noted surgeon and naturalist who acted as a surgeon and biologist on a British Embassy to China.
  • Jake Abel: An American model and actor popular for his roles in "Percy Jackson" series, "Supernatural," and "The Host."
  • Hans Abrahamsen: A music composer and teacher widely known for his modern and postmodern compositions.
  • Else Marie Pade: Renowned Danish composer credited as the first in her country to compose music using electronic means.
  • Morten Abels: A popular pop musician and singer from Norway, generally known for his high-energy concerts and on-stage charisma.
  • Robert Abels: A special effect expert known for his academy award-nominated work in the film "The Towering Inferno."
  • David Abels: An Emeritus professor of Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of New York.
  • Tim Abels: He is a professor and musician from Switzerland.
  • Tom Abels: An American football superfan, who held the record for the most college football games attended.
  • Prof. Dr. Theo Abels: A popular author and professor, renowned for his teaching and books on business related topics.
  • One of the most noteworthy people named Abels was Niels Henrik Abel, a renowned early 19th-century Norwegian mathematician.

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