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Surname Allard - Meaning and Origin

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R. Allard

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Allard: What does the surname Allard mean?

The last name Allard is of French origin and means strong and brave. It is derived from the Germanic words "Adal", meaning noble and "hardem", meaning brave or hardy.

Allard is considered a patronymic surname, indicating that the original bearer of the name was the son of Alard. In pre-Medieval France, patronymic surnames like Allard were commonly used. These surnames became popular with the spread of Norman culture in the 11th and 12th centuries.

The spelling of Allard can be seen in the ancient documents of the period, showing that it has changed little over the centuries. Strong and brave individuals must have carried the surname in previous generations to make it one of the most commonly used surnames in France today.

The Allard family name is believed to have been first documented in the southern French town of Marseille, where the Normans first established a foothold in the region. The Allard family rose to prominence as members of the French court and as powerful merchants. In later centuries, members of the name Allard moved to various countries worldwide and many of them settled in the United States and Canada. Today it is found in all over the world.

The Allards are proud of their heritage and those who love to learn about their family history can trace their lineage back to the areas in France occupied by the Normans. With the many variations and spellings of the name, Allard is a perfect choice for those who would like to recognize their family history.

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Allard: Where does the name Allard come from?

The last name Allard is most common today in France, where it originated. It has also become common in French-speaking countries around the world, such as Canada, Belgium, and the United States. Especially in North America, the Allard last name follows the French influence of the early colonial-settlers and immigrants.

In the United States, the Allard surname is most commonly found in states that are part of the 13 original colonies. Connected to an influx of French and Huguenot settlers, including many Allards, the colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York contain the highest concentration of people with the Allard name.

In the 2000 census, it was estimated that there were roughly 21,759 Allards living in the United States. California, Florida, and New Jersey were found to have the greatest number of Allards living in them, respectively. Meanwhile in Canada, Quebec and Ontario were determined to have the highest population of people with the last name Allard.

The Allard last name can be also found in several other places around the world, mainly in Europe. France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy are the four countries in Europe which have the largest number of people with the Allard name. Furthermore, the last name has historic ties to the British Isles and also has a presence in Scandinavian countries as well.

Variations of the surname Allard

The surname Allard is of Germanic origin and comes from the given name Adalhard, which combines two elements: adal, meaning “noble”, and hardu, meaning “hardy” or “brave”.

Variants of the surname Allard include:

Alard, Alards, Allards, Allarde, Allardes, Alwaerd, Allerdt, Allan, Allen, Alens, Alerdt, Alart, Alort, Alerte, Alword, Alwart, Alwordt, Alsward, Alwarte, Allerd, Allort, Allerte, Allaert, Allart, Allord, Allword, Allwart, Allwater, Allwarde, Allerdt, Allorden, Allwers, Allwartz, Allwort, Allwourdt, Allerdse, Allerdsen, Allerdsse, Allardt and Alyard.

Spellings of the surname include: Allard, Allerd, Allerdse, Allerdsen, Allerdsse, Alard, Alards, Allards, Allarde, Allardes, Alwaerd, Allerdt, Allan, Allen, Alens, Alerdt, Alart, Alort, Alerte, Alword, Alwart, Alwordt, Alsward, Alwarte, Allort, Allerte, Allaert, Allart, Allord, Allword, Allwart, Allwater, Allwarde, Allorden, Allwers, Allwartz, Allwort, Allwourdt, Allardt and Alyard.

Surnames of the same origin as Allard are Alard, Alards, Allards, Alerd, Alerte, Allaert, Allart, Allord, Allorden, Allort, Allerd, Allerdt, Allerdsen, Allerdsse, Allword, Allwarde, Allwart, Allwater, Alwaerd, Allwers, Allwartz, Allwort, Allwourdt, Alword, Alwart, Alwordt, Alsward, Alwarte, Allarde, Allardes, Allardt and Alyard.

Famous people with the name Allard

  • Lena Allard: Canadian film producer, director, screenwriter, and film curator.
  • Annie Allard: Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Béatrice Allard: Canadian basketball player.
  • Andre Allard: Canadian film director, editor, and cinematographer.
  • Jean-Guy Allard: Canadian journalist and radio talk show host.
  • Marie-Josée Allard: French actress and voice actress.
  • Lucien Allard: Canadian Olympic track and field athlete.
  • Jacques Allard: Canadian businessman and investor.
  • Chantal Allard: Canadian actress.
  • Solange Allard: Canadian poet and novelist.
  • Yvo Allard: Canadian francophone singer-songwriter.
  • Jacques Allard-Lacroix: Canadian lawyer and politician.
  • Guillaume Allard: French photographer.
  • Jimmy Allard: Canadian Olympic hockey player.
  • François Jacques Allard: Canadian physician and political figure.
  • François-Xavier Allard: French classical scholar and philologist.
  • Dominique Allard: French rower.
  • Auguste Allard: French politician.
  • Gabriel Allard: French lawyer, bibliographer, and historian.
  • Pierre Allard: French geneticist and entomologist.

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