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Surname Allartz - Meaning and Origin

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Allartz: What does the surname Allartz mean?

The last name Allartz is of German origin, first appearing in the area of Bavaria, which is located in the south of Germany. The name can also be found in other nearby countries, such as the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The name Allartz is believed to have evolved from the German word holz, which means wood. This indicates that those with the Allartz surname likely had a profession in woodworking or as a lumberjack. The origins of the name also suggest that those with the Allartz name may have had ancestors who lived in a primarily wooded area.

The Allartz surname likely means someone who worked with wood. This could mean a carpenter, furniture maker, or even someone who was associated with the forest in some manner. Being associated with the forest was a common profession as many areas of Bavaria were surrounded by natural woodlands.

The Allartz name is one of the oldest and most commonly found German last names. It has been passed down through generations and its history still carries some insight into the ancestors of those who carry the name today.

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Allartz: Where does the name Allartz come from?

The last name Allartz is most commonly found throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It is also present to a lesser degree in France, Germany, and Austria. In the Netherlands, the surname has the highest frequency in the Province of Limburg, in particular the municipalities of Belfeld and Roermond. In the Province of Limburg, Allartz is the 35th most common last name; in the Netherlands, Allartz is the 398th.

In Belgium, the Allartz surname is also found in moderate numbers, distributed primarily across the provinces of Limburg and Antwerp. It is the 234th most frequent surname in Belgium.

The Allartz surname is not common in other parts of the world, including the United States and Canada. In the United States, it is the 5,402nd most common name, found especially in the states of Illinois, Louisiana, and South Dakota. In Canada, it is the 6,385th common name.

The etymology of the name Allartz, in both Dutch and Flemish, is usually derived from “Alard”, an ancient Germanic personal name. It likely had an original meaning of “noble warrior”. The earliest record of the Allartz surname is typically believed to be from the 14th century, stemming from locations around the Maas River.

Variations of the surname Allartz

The surname Allartz has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. It appears in various records in many spelling forms.

The surname Allartz is originally of Germanic origin and it is found most commonly in the Dutch speaking regions of Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The most common variant of the Allartz name is Alart, which is associated with the towns of Aler, Alers, Alersum, and Alersheim from Germany and The Netherlands. The other variants include Allards, Allers, Allersh, Alerz, Alerzheim, Alerzheimer, Allerz, Aler, Alerse, Alersen, Allersen, Alerseum, Allerseum, Alertz, and Alertzheimer.

The surname Alart is probably associated with the last name Halleux, which is derived from the Germanic words "hall" and "wich" meaning a wooded area. The Allartz families are most commonly found consecutively living in different regions of Germany and Belgium, as they likely traveled and settled in different areas over the centuries due to various economic and political factors.

Additional variations of the Allartz surname are Alartz, Allart, Allards, Allers, Allersh, and Alerszheimer. All these are German or Dutch variations of the original surname. In some cases, the Allartz name has also been Americanized to Allart, Allards, or Allers.

The Allartz surname is an ancient one. It has been recorded for many centuries, and its variants are still found today in various countries around the world.

Famous people with the name Allartz

  • Jeroen Allartz: Dutch professional footballer
  • Elli Allartz: German modern pentathlete
  • Scott Allartz: Australian rugby league footballer
  • Henk Allartz: Dutch professional footballer
  • Paul Allartz: Dutch professional footballer
  • Marc Allartz: Dutch professional footballer
  • Barry Allartz: Dutch professional footballer
  • Erwin Allartz: Dutch archer
  • Kamiel Allartz: Dutch professional footballer
  • Pieter Allartz: Dutch professional footballer

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