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Surname Bedard - Meaning and Origin

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Bedard: What does the surname Bedard mean?

The surname Bedard is of French origin and is derived from an old French word "bedeau," which translates to "beadle" in English. A beadle was a minor parish official in medieval times whose role was similar to that of a caretaker or messenger for the church, ensuring order during services, and sometimes performing clerical duties. The name may have originally been used as a nickname for someone performing the role of a beadle or as an occupational surname for an actual beadle. Hence, the surname Bedard suggests a historical occupation of the family bearing this last name in medieval times. It is prevalent in regions with historical French influences, such as Canada, France, and parts of the United States.

Bedard: Where does the name Bedard come from?

The surname Bedard originates from France. It's a variant of the old French nickname "Bédard", from the old word "bedart", which stands for a type of goose. Hence it might have been used for a person who raises or deals with geese. Another possible origin is that Bedard might have been an occupational surname used for clerics and members of the church, derived from "béat" meaning blessed and "ard" meaning hard-working or zealous. Today, the Bedard surname is most commonly found in Canada, due to the large number of French immigrants who moved there throughout history. However, the name is also quite prevalent in the United States, particularly in New England states with sizable French-Canadian populations. Within Canada, it is particularly common in Quebec, where it ranks among the top surnames. Although it is primarily found in French-speaking areas, it can also be found in other parts of the world due to the French influence in many countries.

Variations of the surname Bedard

The surname Bedard is French in origin. Its variants and spellings can be directly connected to the shape and form of the original name. These variations may include Bédard, Beaudard, Bédar, Bedarrides, Bedaride, Bedarida, Bédaire and Bedaire.

The variant spelling of the name could be a result of phonetic spelling by early scribes and churches. As scribes and church officials often spelled names as they sounded, a person could have been recorded under several different spellings including Bedard, Bédard, Bédar, and others in official documents.

Surnames could also have different versions due to regional dialects. For example, in certain parts of France, the spelling might be "Bédard", while in more southern regions like Provence, it could be "Bedarides" or "Bedarida".

The variants could also be connected to familial branches. For instance, one branch of the family may have chosen to use the "Beaudard" spelling, while another branch used the "Bédar" spelling. It could also be influenced by emigration, as family members moving to different countries may have altered or translated their surnames, leading to new versions of the original Bedard.

Famous people with the name Bedard

  • Irene Bedard: An American actress of Alaska Native descent, best known for her voice role as the title character in Disney’s “Pocahontas.”
  • Erik Bedard: A Canadian former professional baseball player, who pitched in Major League Baseball (MLB) primarily for the Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners.
  • Marie-Claire Bedard: A French screenwriter and director known for her work on the films “Melody” and “The Red Notebook.”
  • Alain Bedard: A Canadian jazz bassist, composer, and producer.
  • Pascal Bedard: An actor and comedian from Quebec, Canada.
  • Maryvonne Bedard: A Haitian educationist and politician who served as the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training in Haiti.
  • Sebastien Bedard: A well-known professional basketball player from Canada.
  • Alexandre Bedard: A Canadian Football League player, currently with the Calgary Stampeders.
  • Luke Bedard: A British film producer, director, and cinematographer.
  • Pierre Bedard: A lawyer, judge, and politician in Lower Canada. He is remembered as a leading figure of the Quebec Rebellion in 1837.
  • Charles Bedard: An accomplished guitarist, songwriter, and music producer hailing from Quebec, Canada.
  • Gisele Bedard: A renowned Quebecois author, known for her works of fiction and poetry.
  • Gerard Bedard: A French painter and sculptor.

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