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Surname Bickham - Meaning and Origin

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Bickham: What does the surname Bickham mean?

The surname Bickham is of English origin and has its roots in medieval England. It is derived from place names in Devon and in Somerset, with "Bickham" likely meaning "beech homestead or settlement" in Old English. The two elements involved in the name are "bece," which translates to "beech," and "ham," which means "homestead" or "settlement." It could also refer to the person who came from Bickham (beech settlement), which are places in Devon and Somerset. Surnames derived from geographic locations were often given to the lord of the area, to inhabitants of the place, or to people who moved from the place to another region. So, the Bickham family would have owned, lived in, or originated from these areas. As with many names from this period, various spellings can be found in early documents, including "Bickam," "Bickem," and "Bickum."

Bickham: Where does the name Bickham come from?

The surname Bickham is of English origin, believed to be derived from the name of a place. It may have originated from Bickham in Devon, Bicken in Somerset, or Bickerton in Cheshire or Northumberland. These toponymic places were named during the Middle Ages, with their names indicating various geographical features. For instance, "Bickerton" is derived from Old English "beorht" meaning bright or famous and "tun" for farm or settlement, which translates to “bright or famous farm”.

Today, while individuals with the Bickham surname can be found globally, the majority remain in the English-speaking world. The most significant presence is in the United States and England, specifically in areas such as the southern states in America and Devonshire in England. Australia also has a notable population of people with the Bickham surname. The frequency of the name, however, is significantly less compared to more common surnames, giving it a unique status.

Variations of the surname Bickham

The surname Bickham has different variants and spellings which result from numerous phonetic spellings over many centuries, as well as translations from different languages. Variants include Bickem, Bickom, Biccome, Beakham, Beccham, Biggam, Bekham, Bikkham, and additionally, Beckem. Sometimes, surreptitiously, the "h" may be silent, or a "k" or "c" could replace each other in some spellings.

The surname Bickham has Anglo-Saxon origins, specifically deriving from a place name. There are villages named Bickham in Somerset and Devon in England, as well as Bickington. Therefore, some surnames of the same origin could possibly include Somerset, Devon, or Bickington.

It's important to remember that many variations and spellings of surnames have emerged over centuries due to a variety of factors such as the literacy level of a local population, the individual interpretation of a local scribe, or evolving language practices resulting in the mixing of languages. Consequently, the exact derivation and all possible variants of a surname can be hard to trace comprehensively.

Famous people with the name Bickham

  • Troy Bickham: He is a renowned historian and writer known for his work on early modern British and Atlantic history, particularly his book "Making Headlines: The Influence of Print Media in Early America".
  • Jack Bickham: An American author, best known for his 57 novels, including "The Apple Dumpling Gang". He was also a highly regarded creative writing instructor at the University of Oklahoma.
  • David Bickham: An actor recognized for his roles in "The Fighter" (2010), "Mystic River" (2003), and "Gone Baby Gone" (2007).
  • Bryan Alwyn Barlow AO: Known as Bryan Bickham, he was the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory from 1991 to 1995.
  • Frank Bickham: An English rugby player who played centre for the Harlequin F.C.
  • Amy Bickham: An American documentary writer known for her work on "Pandora's Promise" and other documentary films.
  • Kenneth Bickham: A renowned cardiothoracic surgeon in Texas, US. He has appeared as a medical expert on various television programs.
  • Kye Bickham: A famous athlete known for his baseball career. He played for Western Texas College and Sam Houston State University College. These are just a few notable individuals with the last name Bickham.

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