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Surname Birdsall - Meaning and Origin

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Birdsall: What does the surname Birdsall mean?

The last name Birdsall is of English origin. It is thought to have derived from the Old English term “bridd”, meaning a young bird, and the Old English term “hall” meaning “estate”. Together, this name indicates that at some point an ancestor was likely someone who was associated with the care of birds and the estate of another.

The Birdsalls are believed to have been first found in the Bedfordshire region of England, and their presence is recorded as far back as the 12th century. The earliest recorded evidence of the name was in 1172, when Helgot Birdeshale was recorded as a witness in the Assize Rolls of Bedfordshire. Other records include John Bridshal in 1219 and Warin Burdeshale in 1436 in the Feet of Fines for Essex.

The family was associated with the aristocratic Tyler family and featured prominently in the Development of Parliament and British history, including Sir Edwin Birdsall (14th century) who was Speaker of the House of Commons; Sir John Birdshale who was Speaker of the House of Lords; and William Birdsall (15th century) who held the hereditary title of Judge of the King's Bench.

Today, members of the Birdsall family still remain prominent in various areas of the globe, including the United States and Singapore.

Birdsall: Where does the name Birdsall come from?

The last name Birdsall is primarily found in North America, particularly the United States and Canada. It is mainly Anglo-Saxon in origin and has been common in some parts of England for centuries, although today it is a relatively rare surname. In the United States, Birdsall is most commonly found in the Northeast, particularly in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The highest concentrations of the name can be found in upstate New York, where this family’s ancestral home was reportedly located in the late 19th century. The household population in places like Steuben, Broome, and Albany Counties still includes a good number of Birdsalls today. The name is also found in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, as well as other parts of Canada. It is a relatively rare surname that has not been widely embraced by any one particular culture or region; instead, it is scattered throughout North America, though it is still primarily an Anglo-Saxon last name.

Variations of the surname Birdsall

The surname Birdsall (sometimes spelled Byrdsall or Byrdsall) is an English patronymic surname, derived from the given name "Bird". The name Bird is of Olde English origin, and is derived from the word "bridd", which is an ancient personal name meaning a small bird. The Olde English equivalent was spelled "Byrd".

Variant spellings of the surname include Birdsall, Byrdsall, Bryd sell, Birdsell, Brydsell, Bridsall, Brydsall, Brisdall and Birds Hill. Variants of Birdsall in other European languages include Berdsoll (English and German), Bordsall (English), Bierdsall (English and German), Birssoll (English and German) and Bierdsal (Dutch).

The surname may also be a variant of similar Anglo-Saxon surnames based on the Olde English "byrht" or "bold", such as Byrch, Burgh, Baird, Bardsley, Brave, Bryden, Bright, Birkett, Birks, and others.

Other variants of the surname Birdsall include Byrdsley, Byrkett, Byrks, Birdsong, Birden, Birkenhead and Briddon.

The Birdsall surname is fairly rare in England but, interestingly, popular in the Scottish Borders and Mid-Ulster areas of Northern Ireland. The surname is also found in Australia, Canada and the United States, where some descendants of the family have anglicized their name to Birdsong or Birdsell.

Notable people with the surname include Harry Birdsall, an American golfer and coach; Alfred Birdsall, an American electrical engineer; Edward Byrdsall, the Scottish-born Australian soldier and jeweler; and John Byrdsall, an English professional cricketer.

Famous people with the name Birdsall

  • Zoe Birdsall- Actress known for her role in the television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Todd Birdsall- Professional American snowboarder and founder of Bird Surfboards
  • Wilmot Birdsall- Entrepreneur and co-founder of W&L4, a medical technology company
  • Michael Birdsall- Australian swimmer who competed in two events at the 2009 World Aquatics Championships
  • Richard Birdsall- English footballer who played for Luton Town in the 1970s
  • Debbie Birdsall- British television presenter and former children's television presenter
  • Roy Birdsall- Former Member of Parliament in New Zealand for the Labour Party
  • William Birdsall- American politician who represented Michigan's 6th congressional district from 1881 to 1883
  • Ronald Birdsall- American competitive sailor and Olympic primarily known for helming the Stars class
  • Bruce Birdsall- American military pilot who flew over 70 combat missions during the Vietnam War

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