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Surname Brewerton - Meaning and Origin

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Brewerton: What does the surname Brewerton mean?

The last name Brewerton is of English origin. It was originally used to identify somebody who brewed beer or ale, typically an occupation that would have been taken on in the past by a brewer or owner of a brewery. The word 'brew' in this case refers to the process of fermentation, which is the process of turning starches such as grains or fruits into alcohol. It is likely that those with this name were associated with the brewing process in some form.

It is possible that some individuals who held the surname Brewerton were professional brewers in the early 19th century; of course, given the number of pubs and inns in the UK back then, there was likely an abundance of ale and beer being brewed. Those people with the last name Brewerton could have been either the owners or workers of such an establishment and may have gone from place to place in search of business.

Brewerton is an interesting surname and one that carries a great deal of history with it. It is incredibly fitting for those individuals who enjoyed beer and ale in the past and for those who still do so in the present day. It carries great meaning for those with the name as one can certainly appreciate the importance of brewing in the past and the proud history that comes with it.

Brewerton: Where does the name Brewerton come from?

The last name Brereton is primarily found in Ireland, the UK, and Australia. In Ireland, it is mainly found in County Kerry in the south of the country. In the UK, it is most commonly found in England’s northwest and southwest, but there are also records of Breretons in Scotland. In Australia, there are records of Breretons from both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, mainly in the eastern states, with a particular concentration around the Sydney area.

The Brereton name is derived from the Old English words for “castle” and “farm”. It is thought to have been first used in the thirteenth century by a family of Norman-Welsh lords who settled in Cheshire and Shropshire. This family, who had their seat at Brereton, near Sandbach, were involved in the Welsh wars and in the so-called “Barons’ war” of 1263-1267.

The Brereton name remains common today. In the UK, the 2011 census recorded just over 8,000 people with the Brereton surname. New South Wales, in Australia, is the most populous region for the surname, accounting for a fifth of the total Breretons in the country. In Ireland, it is also relatively common, and within the republic, County Kerry is the foremost Brereton stronghold.

Variations of the surname Brewerton

Brewerton is an English surname of a patronymic origin. It is derived from the Old English word brun, meaning "brown," and the suffix -tun or -ton, which was used to form a place-name or dwelling. The surname is commonly found in England and can be spelled in a variety of ways including Browerton, Broughton, Browneton, and Bruerton.

Brewerton is also a habitational surname referring to any of various places named Broughton, such as four in England, including both hamlets and villages in Lancashire, Hampshire, Westmoreland, and Shropshire. In these cases, the name would have been derived from the Old English words burh ("fortification"), and tun ("homestead" or "settlement").

Variations of the Brewerton surname include Brebberton, Broverton, Brebrougton, Browoe, Broperton, Briderton, Bruer, Brevert, Brebron, Brevriton, Brebston, Brabarton, Brebarton, Breburton, Briberton, Bribeern, Brewert, Breworthon, Breveerton, Brievton, Brievann, Brergton, and Burton.

Surnames of similar origin include Brough, Brougton, Bruington, Burgrough, Browing, Burrowton, Burrowes, Burghton, Broton and Brethon. These surnames share the common element of being surnames derived from towns or locations in England.

In northern England, Brewerton is also found spelled as Brewerton and Braeton, with the final syllable “ton” being indicative of a place name. These variations of the surname are still found throughout northern England. The spelling variants show how spelling has evolved over time, with the surname being written in a variety of ways including Brewerton, Brawerton, Brauton, Brereton, Brereton, Browertun, and Broworton.

Famous people with the name Brewerton

  • Dan Breeton: American Football Wide Receiver for the New York Jets
  • Mark Brewerton: British Motorcycle Grand Prix racer
  • Scott Brewerton: American golfer
  • Kim Brewerton: American actress who starred in sitcoms like “Grounded for Life” and “Living on a Prayer”
  • Joshua Brewerton: Australian rugby league player
  • Samuel Brewerton: popular Canadian artist
  • Amber Brewerton: academic best known for her work on “The Origin of Death”
  • Lloyd Brewerton: English cricket player
  • Wendy Brewerton: Canadian artist and sculptor
  • Paul Brewerton: British actor who had lead roles in major films like “Incident at Clovelly Cottage” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”
  • Kerry Brewerton: British motocross racer
  • Amanda Brewerton: American painter and fashion designer
  • Michael Brewerton: Canadian screenwriter and producer
  • Bessie Brewerton: Australian politician
  • John Brewerton: US Army General
  • JoeBrewerton: American blues musician

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