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Surname Capell - Meaning and Origin

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Capell: What does the surname Capell mean?

The surname Capell is of Old Norman French origin and is derived from the word "chapel", meaning a place of worship. It was originally given as a topographic name to someone who lived near a chapel, or as an occupational name for someone who worked in one. In some instances, it may also have been used as a nickname for a pious individual.

The name has several variations and spellings including Capel, Caple, Chapell, and Chappel. Due to the practice of anglicizing names, it might have changed throughout history and can be found across Europe, particularly in England and France.

It is important to remember that surnames were created in the past to refer to a variety of characteristics, such as a person's occupation, place of residence, physical attributes, or even a nickname. Therefore, while this is a historically accurate definition, it may not hold true in all circumstances or for all families with the Capell surname.

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Capell: Where does the name Capell come from?

The surname Capell is of English origin, tracing back to the medieval period. The name's roots are derived from "cape", a derivative of the Old Norman French word "chape", meaning "hood", "hat" or "cape" (a type of headgear). The name was often bestowed as a nickname for someone who habitually wore a distinctive hat or cap. Forms of this name include Caple, Cappel, Capell, Capelle, and others.

The earliest records of the Capell surname date back to the 13th century in various counties of England. The name could also be associated with a geographic locale, such as Capel in Surrey and Capel in Kent.

Today, the surname Capell is spread across many English-speaking countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. It is not particularly common in any one country, but the highest concentration of individuals with the Capell surname is found in the United States. It is seen less frequently in other regions.

Variations of the surname Capell

The surname Capell appears to have originated from a widespread European tradition of surnames derived from trade, occupation or physical characteristics. Capell might have been derived from the Old French word “chapele” meaning cap or hat, referring to a maker or wearer of caps or capes.

Various variants and alternative spellings for Capell can be found. These include the surnames Capel, Cappel, Capellini, Capellari, Capelli, Cappello, and Capellan. Furthermore, surnames such as Kappel, Kappell, or Kapell are seen in regions like Germany and Denmark, reflecting a phonetically similar name.

Also, regional suffixes can add further variations. For instance, in Italian, adding "-ani" or "-ini" at the end usually signifies a patronymic relationship, generating variants like Capellani or Capellini.

Due to human error in documentation, the migration of people, and the use of non-standardized spelling before the modern era, there's a wide array of variants for most surnames. This is the case with Capell, contributing to its several versions across different cultures and translations.

Remember that tracing genealogy can be complex, and identical surnames can originate from different sources, just as diverse surnames can come from a single root.

Famous people with the name Capell

  • Arthur Capell: An Australian anthropologist and linguist famous for his study of Oceanic languages.
  • Claude Capell: A French actor known for his roles in old classics like "The Professional," "Trois de la Canebière," and "Les misérables."
  • Edith Capell: An English actress popular in the 1920s and 1930s for her roles in films like "If Youth But Knew" and "The Glad Eye."
  • Stanley Capell: A Canadian professional ice hockey player who played for the Montreal Canadiens in the National Hockey League.
  • Peter Capell: A German actor known for his roles in "The Boys from Brazil," "Pathfinder," and "Paths of Glory."
  • Spencer Capell: A British musician, known as the keyboardist of the band The Hoosiers.
  • Bennett Capell: A famous American bridge player noted for his contributions to the game.
  • Eric Capell: A British athlete who represented Great Britain in the 400 metres hurdles at the 1924 Summer Olympics.
  • Capell Lofft: A famous poet and patron of John Clare and Robert Bloomfield.
  • Essex Capell: A British retired Brigadier General and a commander with the 8th Gurkha Rifles of the Indian Army.

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