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Surname Capellmann - Meaning and Origin

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Capellmann: What does the surname Capellmann mean?

The last name Capellmann is derived from German origins and is thought to have derived from a personal name, Capellmann. This name was derived from the Middle High German term capell, meaning "horseman" or "soldier". The Capellmann surname was likely used to denote a family's association with a local captain or civil official.

In the early days, the use of the surname Capellmann was most likely used to distinguish families of the same name who lived in the same village or town. As the family spread across Europe, however, the number of individuals bearing the surname became greater and the surname began to be passed down through generations. This practice is quite common, as many families adapt traditional surnames to their current markets.

The Capellmann surname today is still most commonly found in Germany and its surrounding countries, including Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. It is believed that the majority of holders of this surname are of German descent, however, this cannot be verified.

The Capellmann name reflects pride in its German ancestry and stands as a testament to the long, proud history of its German roots. This surname is also connected to a history rich in tradition and hard work, qualities which remain just as important today as ever before.

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Capellmann: Where does the name Capellmann come from?

The last name Capellmann is most commonly found in countries in the German-speaking region. In Germany, about 0.8% of population carries the surname, making it one of the 145 most common last names in the country. Hotspots in Germany include the state of Baden Wurttemberg, Lower Saxony, and Bavaria.

Capellmann also appears in other countries with historic German populations. In Austria, it is the 97th most common surname, and it is also found in regions of Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

In the United States, Capellmann is an uncommon name. The fewest number of Capellmanns are recorded in the state of Arizona, followed by New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Washington. It is most commonly found in the states of Missouri and Mississippi.

Capellmann is also present in other parts of the world, notably in Latin America and Canada, where it is likely to be found among descendants of German immigrants. In South America, the last name is more commonly found in Brazil and Argentina. In Canada, Capellmann is found mostly in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Outside of the German-speaking region, Capellmann is an uncommon last name, though it is not a rare one. It is likely to be found anywhere with historic German-speaking immigrant populations, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil.

Variations of the surname Capellmann

The surname Capellmann is of German origin and variants of this name include: Kapellmann, Kappelmann, Kappelman, and Kappel. Spellings of this surname include: Kappelmann, Kappelman, Capellmann, Kaapelman, Capelmann.

Variations of this name also depend on the dialect of the particular area the family emigrated from in Germany. Common surnames associated with the same origin and heritage are Capell (Capellen) and Kanopp (Kanops).

In German language, the suffix “mann” used in the surname is derived from the word for man. As a result, this means that other surnames ending with “mann”, such as Bennemann, Bölkemann, Goosen, Habeberg and Holmmann are often of the same origin as Capellmann.

In some cases, the surname Capellmann has evolved to become the surname Kappelmann, with the letter ‘c’ being replaced with the letter ‘k’ due to phonetic influences. Other examples of this include the use of ‘d’ being replaced with ‘t’ in the surname Dauenmann, which often becomes Tauenmann.

The spelling 'Kapelmann' is also used in some cases, and variations of the surname can also be found in other parts of the world such as in the Netherlands and Czech Republic. Other variants of this name include Capellman, Capellen, Kaapelman, Kappelman and Kapelmmann

Overall, Capellmann is a German surname of regional origin, and variations of this name are often related to where the family originated from, the language of the particular area and the phonetic influence of the area.

Famous people with the name Capellmann

  • Christian Capellmann: German former professional football player
  • Johannes Capellmann: German football manager and former player
  • Fabian Capellmann: German footballers and midfielder
  • Sebastian Capellmann: German football goalkeeper
  • Moritz Capellmann: German football defender
  • Ralf Capellmann: German football midfielder
  • Guido Capellmann: German football midfielder
  • Helmut Capellmann: German football goalkeeper
  • Alf Capellmann: German football defender
  • Willibald Capellmann: German composer and music theorist

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