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Surname Capel - Meaning and Origin

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Capel: What does the surname Capel mean?

The last name Capel is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has several possible meanings. Traditionally it has been associated with the trade of a chaplain, deriving from the Old Norman-French "chapelain". The name could also have geographical origins, referring to someone who lived near a notable chapel. There are several places bearing variations of the name 'Capel' in England, such as Capel in Surrey, Capel Llanilltern in Wales, and Capel-le-Ferne in Kent. Furthermore, it could also mean "one who dwelled or worked at the chapel", tying its origins to religious connotations. The surname has various spellings including Capel, Capell, Cappel, and Kapel.

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Capel: Where does the name Capel come from?

The surname Capel originated from England and is of Anglo-Saxon origins. It is derived from the Old English word "Capel" meaning "Chapel" and was likely used to describe a place, such as "one who dwells by the chapel." It may also have occupational origins, identifying an individual who worked at a chapel, such as a cleric.

The name is particularly associated with the counties of Sussex, Hertfordshire, and Surrey in the southeastern region of England. Settlements in these regions were known as "Capel" during the medieval period, and the surname might have been used to denote individuals from these areas.

Today, the surname Capel is more dispersed due to migration over the centuries. However, it remains relatively common in England, particularly in the areas from which it originated. In addition to the United Kingdom, the surname can also be found in other English-speaking countries such as the United States, Australia, and Canada among the descendants of British emigrants. It is also somewhat popular in France, possibly due to the Huguenot connections.

Variations of the surname Capel

The surname Capel has its roots in French and English ancestry. Variants of the surname Capel can include Capell, Capel, Capelle, de Capel and Caple. In some cases, the surname may use the French prefix 'de,' representing a geographical or noble connection.

Capelle is a version prevalent in French-speaking regions, while Capell and Caple are commonly found in English-speaking countries.

Sometimes, a similar sounding but differently originated surname, Kapel might be considered here, but it should be noted that it primarily has Jewish or Eastern European roots.

Surname variants may also exist due to transcription errors or alternate spellings over the centuries. Moreover, there may be many similar sounding surnames of different origins, such as Chapel or Cappell, which are not direct variants of Capel but could be confused because of phonetic resemblance.

It’s significant to mention that the surname could potentially be derived from several sources: a nickname, an occupational or trade name, or perhaps a geographical locale or estate.

In the case of Capel, it is generally agreed that it is a geographical surname, derived from places named with this term, generally indicating a chapel, a key feature of the locality.

Famous people with the name Capel

  • Arthur Christopher John Capel: Known as "Boy" Capel, he was a shipping tycoon and English polo player. He is most known for being the lover and muse of fashion icon Coco Chanel.
  • Captain Edward Capel: A character in the video game series "Assassin's Creed" is based on this historical figure. He was a real figure in the British Navy.
  • John Capel: An American athlete specialized in sprinting. He won the World Championships over 200 meters in 2003.
  • Kate Capel: An Australian businesswoman, sports journalist and television presenter.
  • George Capel-Coningsby, 5th Earl of Essex: An English aristocrat and politician who is notable for his involvement in the development of the British settlement of Western Australia.
  • Algernon Capel, 9th Earl of Essex: An English nobleman known for his career as a British Army officer.
  • Arthur Algernon Capell, Viscount Malden: A member of the British Royal Household and the Liberal Unionist Party.
  • Peter Capel: An Australian actor known for his role in "Crime and Punishment".
  • Geoff Capel, an Australian cricketer.
  • Jacqueline Capel: An Australian Anglican bishop. Please note, the spelling variations 'Capell' and 'Capel' are often interchangeable in historic texts.

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