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Surname Capek - Meaning and Origin

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Capek: What does the surname Capek mean?

The last name Capek is of Czech origin and derived from the word "čapka," which translates as "cloak" or "head covering." It is thought to have been used to denote those who made head coverings, such as a tailor, or possibly a milliner.

The Capek family is believed to have originated in what is now the Czech Republic. The surname is most commonly found in Moravian areas of the Czech Republic, especially in and around Brno.

It is thought that those bearing the name of Capek most likely held a job related to clothing or textiles, as many Czech people did. Capek also became a common last name among those who moved to different regions so this could also explain its presence in other parts of the country.

The name Capek is also found in countries other than the Czech Republic, as there was a steady exodus of people from then-Czech regions to other parts of Europe and then the world. This means it may be found in other countries, including the United States and Canada, among other places.

In any case, the Czech surname Capek most likely represents a family with a history in making clothing, fabrics, and other textiles. As the Capek family has continued to grow, its members have taken their skills with them into different fields and industries, even if those have not had anything to do with their original ancestral occupation.

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Capek: Where does the name Capek come from?

The last name Capek is most commonly found in the Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. The name is derived from an old Slavic root, derived from the word "capati," meaning to cut.

Capek is a relatively widespread last name and is not exclusive to one region. In the Czech Republic, it is the 29th most common surname, with over 12,700 bearers. It is also quite common in Slovakia, where it is the 39th most popular surname with over 5,000 bearers. In Poland, Capek is the 359th most common name, with around 1,000 people with the name. Additionally, the surname is relatively common in Austria, with over 940 people having this name.

In the United States, the name is much rarer. In terms of absolute numbers, in 2018 the name was found in 1,440 households according to US Census Bureau data. The exact distribution in the United States is not known, but the Capek name can be mostly found in the regions with the largest Czech populations, such as Texas and Wisconsin.

In Canada, the name is quite rare, with less than 5000 individuals with the Capek name in the entire country. However, the name is most popular in the province of Ontario, where the highest concentrations of this family name are located.

It is clear that the Capek name has consistently been present in Central and Eastern Europe for centuries, and is most popular in the countries that make up the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. In the United States and Canada, it is much rarer but still has a notable presence where the largest Czech populations reside.

Variations of the surname Capek

The Capek family surname has several alternative spellings and variants all sharing the same origin, the most common being Čapek and Čáp. The Čapek spelling originates from Bohemia, which is located in the Czech Republic. Čáp is derived from Čapek, since the Czech language does not use the soft "e" sound between two consonants. Other popular variants of Capek include Czapka, Czapek, Chapek, Chapka, Capeka, Chapeck or Schapka, and even Čupka.

Capek is a patronymic surname, meaning it is derived from the first name of the father of the original bearer. The first name associated with Capek is Petr, the Czech word for Peter. Other associated names include Jiří (George), Jan (John), Karel (Charles) or Pavel (Paul).

Under Austrian, German, or Czech rule, surnames often changed spelling due to language differences and because people used phonetic spelling in order to spell out their name phonetically. This is why Capek can be found in many variations and with multiple spellings. For example, Čáp is a more phonetic spelling of Čapek. Capek can also be found as Kapke, Kappke, Kapka, Kapka, Köpek, Kupke, Capke, Cöpke and Koppke.

Although Capek is generally considered to be a Czech family name, there are a few alternative origins. The surname is also associated with German and Jewish families. Jewish families typically acquired the name by having it imposed on them during Austrian rule. The German version of the surname may date back to the Middle Ages, when it was spelled and pronounced differently.

Famous people with the name Capek

  • Karel Capek: Karel Capek was a famous Czech writer, best known for his play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), which introduced the term "robot".
  • Josef Capek: Josef Capek was a Bohemian painter and a major figure in the development of modern Czech art.
  • Jan Capek: Jan Capek was a Czech glass artist and designer. He is known for his unique take on glass design, which includes curved shapes and irregular edges.
  • Adolf Capek: Adolf Capek was a Czech-Antarctic explorer who was the first person to reach the South Pole.
  • Milena Capek: Milena Capek was a leading Czech-British sculptor and printmaker, best known for her larger-than-life bronze sculptures.
  • Jiří Capek: Jiří Capek was a Czech-born American philosopher, psychologist, and author. He is renowned for his works on creative motivation and the psychology of motivation.
  • Josef Štefancapek: Josef Štefancapek was a Czech-Canadian scientist who is known for his development of the "Štefancap" Sere holter. This was a hormone test for testing the gravitational fields on humans and animals.
  • Jan Karafiat Capek: Jan Karafiat Capek was a Czech-Canadian inventor and innovator. He is best known for his patented emergency vehicle life-saving device.
  • Jindřich Čapek: Jindřich Čapek was a Czech-Australian aircraft designer and manufacturer. He is well known for his patented inventions, including the tail-controlled aircraft.
  • Jose Durango: Capek: Jose Durango: Capek is a Mexican entrepreneur and founder of the Durango Group, a private holding and investment company.

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