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Surname Capelmann - Meaning and Origin

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Capelmann: What does the surname Capelmann mean?

The last name Capelmann is of German origin and is believed to have originated in Prussia or Austria.

The name Capelmann is derived from the Middle High German words "capelle" and "mann", meaning "chapel man" or "chaplain". This could indicate that the earliest bearers of the surname were chaplains or preachers.

The name may also be a variant of Capellemann (chaplainman), indicating that individuals bearing the surname were either priests or had family ties to a church.

The name could also be derived from the Hebrew word “Kappel”, meaning “coral”, as a sign of protection and hope, though the traditional German meaning is more likely.

It is possible that Capelmann is a topographic name denoting someone who lived near a chapel.

The name Capelmann is found mainly in the United States, especially in the Midwest, where many of the original bearers of the surname settled in the 18th century.

The surname Capelmann is most closely associated with the German communities in the United States today, though it is also found in other countries.

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Capelmann: Where does the name Capelmann come from?

The last name Capelmann is common in several countries today, including the United States, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, and Austria. In the United States, people with the surname Capelmann are scattered across the country, from New York to California, with some of the highest concentrations in the upper Midwest such as Wisconsin and Illinois. The same is true in Germany, although there is a slightly higher concentration of the last name in the northern parts of the country.

In Canada, Capelmann is most commonly found in the Provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan, and the same applies to Austria. The surname is also present in Switzerland, in particular in the German-speaking parts of the country, such as the Swiss canton of Zurich. While there is no central concentration of the surname, it is still quite widespread.

The name Capelmann has Germanic roots, and can be traced back to an Old Low German name that was primarily seen around the area of what is today northwest Germany and the Netherlands in medieval times. While the origins of the name are not definitively known, it is thought to be derived from the German word for chapel, "kapel".

Given its Germanic roots and its present-day prevalence across several countries, it is clear that the name Capelmann has had a long-lasting global presence.

Variations of the surname Capelmann

The Capelmann surname is believed to have originated from Germanic regions with their main derivations found in Luxembourg and Austrian provinces.

Variants of the name Capelmann include Capelman, Cappelman, Capelmans, Caplman, Kapelmann, Caplemans and Capellmann.

In some locales, Capelmann has occasionally been anglicized to Copelman, Kaplfman, Kaplman, Cappelmans or Capuleman.

Surnames derived from the Capelmann surname originated roughly between the 16th and 18th centuries in Germany when families started to abandon their traditional naming practices in favour of choosing surnames as a way to identify their family lines.

In Germany, spellings of the surname Capelmann have changed repeatedly for a variety of reasons. Civil record keeping which began parliamentary monarchical rule, a large series of migrations, changing dialects and spelling reforms, are a few of the reasons why the spelling of the surname was altered both in Germany and abroad.

Variations of Capelmann can be found throughout much of Europe, sometimes with additional letters or removed altogether. In some areas of Eastern and Central Europe, the surname is spelled as Capelman or Kapelman. In France, it is spelled as Capellman or Capellmann and in Belgium, it is sometimes spelled as Capumn.

In some regions of Austria, especially in Styria, the spelling is changed to Copelman or Kapuplenman. In addition, in those areas of German speaking Switzerland, the spelling sometimes changes to Kappelmann or Kappelenman.

In the United States, the surname is typically spelled Capelmann as immigrants often sought to maintain their original spelling of the surname despite the various changes that occurred as they moved throughout Europe or when they came to the States.

Famous people with the name Capelmann

  • Alex Capelmann: British film producer and football agent.
  • Annabel Capelmann: English actress, voice artist and comedian.
  • Christian Capelmann: German actor.
  • David Capelmann: Argentine actor and screenwriter.
  • Gaston Capelmann: French politician.
  • Jan Capelmann: Dutch artist and sculptor.
  • Job Capelmann: German entrepreneur and fashion designer.
  • Julian Capelmann: German classical music composer.
  • Lene Capelmann: Danish singer-songwriter.
  • Oliver Capelmann: Austrian composer, conductor and music arranger.
  • Stephanie Capelmann: Swiss fashion designer.
  • Thomas Capelmann: German former international football goalkeeper.

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