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Surname Claasen - Meaning and Origin

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Claasen: What does the surname Claasen mean?

The last name Claasen is of Dutch or German origin. It is thought to derive from the medieval personal name Clais or Klaus, which in turn comes from the Latin name Nicolaus. Variations of the name include Claessen, Claesen, and Claessen.

The first recorded bearers of the name Claasen were people living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. These individuals would have been tradesmen, merchants, landowners, or involved in some other lucrative profession.

The meaning behind the Claasen surname is believed to be "son of Claus". The Old High German word "claus" referred to a crown or garland. It is hypothesized that this surname was a title of nobility or a sign of power and importance.

Quite a few Claasens were pioneers of the settlement of America in the early 1600s. During this period of exploration, they may have been taken to the United States as indentured servants. Over the centuries, many American Claasens have taken up important roles within politics, the military, and the church.

The contemporary Claasen family is found in countries all over the world. There are municipal records showing individuals with the name Claasen in European nations like Belgium, France, and Germany. In the United States, the Claasen name is most often found in the states of California, Texas, and Michigan.

No matter which part of the world they come from, the Claasen family is known for their loyalty, hard work, and spirit for adventure.

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Claasen: Where does the name Claasen come from?

The last name Claasen is commonly found throughout Europe and especially in Germany. It is one of the most common last names in Germany, where it is estimated that almost 1 in every 540 people have the surname. The name is derived from the Dutch word ‘klazen’, which translates to ‘puddle’. In Germany, Claasen is most commonly found in the southern and western regions, with the highest concentration around the Ruhr area.

The name is also fairly common in other European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria. In addition, large numbers of Dutch settlers who arrived in the United States in the 17th century mean that Claasen is widely found in North America as well, particularly in the areas of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

In Australia, the name was amongst the most popular names amongst Dutch immigrants who arrived in the 19th century, and it has become increasingly common ever since. Similarly, in South Africa Claasen is a popular name amongst Afrikaner families.

Overall, Claasen is one of the most common surnames in Europe and now also widely found across North America, Australia, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Claasen

The surname Claasen is a Dutch patronymic surname derived from the given name Claas. The English variant of this surname is Claessen, and there are alternative spellings in some parts of Europe, such as Klassen, Klasson, and Klassens.

In Dutch, the suffix -sen is a common way of forming patronymic surnames. The suffix is also seen in some Dutch-origin surnames outside of the Netherlands, such as the German variant Klassen and the Frisian variant Claesen.

Patronymic surnames such as this are usually derived from a father's given name, and surnames ending with -sen would have indicated that a person was a son of the original patriarch who held the name. Although the Claasen surname is generally derived from the given name Claas, there are other possibilities. A variant spelling, Klassen, has sometimes been used to signify a person who had moved to a place known as Klasse or Klasses.

Claasen is also a common surname in South Africa, where it is derived from a 17th century Dutch settler, Dirck Claasz. The Afrikaans spelling is Claassen. There are some variants that have been adopted by Afrikaans-speaking families, such as Klazen and Klazens.

Finally, the -sen ending of the Claasen surname often leads to variations with other suffixes in other European languages. In German, for instance, a variant spelling of Claussen is sometimes seen. In Sweden, Claasen may be spelled Klasen or Klason.

Famous people with the name Claasen

  • JJ Claasen: Dutch footballer who plays for Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb
  • Simon Claasen: German professional beach volleyball player
  • Patience Claasen: South African Afrikaans singer and songwriter
  • Marina Claasen: Dutch track cyclist
  • Joost Claasen: former Dutch professional football player
  • Willem Claasen: Dutch footballer who played for Dutch side PSV Eindhoven
  • Max Claasen: Dutch swimmer who competed at the 1948 Summer Olympics
  • Annemarie Claasen: South African singer
  • Micka Claassen: Dutch professional beach volleyball player
  • Jürgen Claasen: German footballer who played for German side SSV Jahn Regensburg

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