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Surname Claass - Meaning and Origin

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Claass: What does the surname Claass mean?

The last name Claass is an anglicized version of the German surname Claß. The surname originates from the German word "classe", meaning "clan" or "lineage". The Claass family likely originated from the German regions of Berlin, Frankfurt, or Munich, and is believed to have been established there as early as the 17th century.

The Claasses were a family of nobility that possessed great wealth and influence in their respective regions in Germany. As such, they held a variety of posts in government, a position in the German military, and other prestigous positions. As their prestige grew, so too did their ubiquity throughout Germanic culture, leading to the formation of the Claass surname.

Family members of the Claass surname still populate Germanic countries, and likely other countries as well. The surname is often passed along through family ; and individual with the Claass name can sometimes trace their ancestry to a specific German city. The Claass family continues to possess great wealth and influence, though their strength and perception have changed over the centuries. Although the specifics of the Claasse family are not widely known, the last name Claass remains as a tribute to the family's legacy and power.

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Claass: Where does the name Claass come from?

The last name Claass is a common surname across Northern Europe, especially in the Netherlands. It is believed to have German roots and is still quite common in both Germany and the Netherlands today. In fact, Claass is the 85th most common surname in Germany as of 2020.

In the Netherlands, the last name Claass is the 284th most common last name. Many people of Dutch or German descent may still carry the name today, as it was a particularly popular name in both countries during the 19th century.

In the United States, the last name Claass is most common in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with the states with the second and third most occurrences of the surname being Ohio and Illinois, respectively. It is believed that many people of Dutch or German descent migrated to these areas and brought the Claass name with them.

Other countries around the world such as France, Sweden and the United Kingdom also have occurrences of the Claass name today. It is estimated that around 15,000 people today carry this surname, with the majority of them found in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and the United States.

Variations of the surname Claass

The surname Claass has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common spelling of the surname is Claass. Variations of this spelling could include Claas, Klas, and Klass. Claasse and Claassen are also variations.

Other surnames of the same origin include Claessen, Claessens, Claessens, Claesser, Class, Classen, Classens, Classer, Klaas, Klees, Kless, and Klits.

In some cases, the spelling of the surname changed based on its geographical location. For example, Claass is a common spelling in the Netherlands, while Claess is usually found in Germany.

No matter the spelling, all these surnames are likely to refer to the same origin, usually from the Netherlands. It is likely that they all derived from a single surname, possibly an occupation-based name derived from the Dutch word ‘klasse’ which translates as ‘rank, class’.

Overall, the surname Claass has various spellings, variants, and other surnames of the same origin. All of these variants and spellings may indicate descent from the same ancestor and require more research to trace back the family tree.

Famous people with the name Claass

  • Kevin Claassen: Dutch football player.
  • Nina Claassen: Canadian pop singer.
  • Andrew Claassen: South African rugby player.
  • Joost Claassen: Dutch professional cyclist.
  • Catharina Claassen: Dutch runner and European Champion 400m hurdler.
  • Jan Claassen: Dutch actor and comedian.
  • René Claassen: German former professional footballer.
  • Cor Claassen: Dutch former footballer.
  • Fabian Claassen: German footballer.
  • Johannes Claassen: South African former military leader.
  • Daleen Claassen: South African multinational real estate developer and entrepreneur.
  • Jason Claassen: American former running back and Super Bowl champion.
  • Erik Claassen: Dutch artist, printmaker and photographer.
  • Hermann Claassen: German swimmer and Olympic medalist.
  • Ernest Jules Claassen: British-Canadian naturalist and entomologist.
  • August Claassen: German graphic artist and painter.
  • Mieke Claassen: Dutch actor, singer and television presenter.
  • Hilda Claassen Simões: Brazilian neuroscientist.
  • Graham Claassen: South African-American cellist.
  • Hunter Claassen: American painter and printmaker.

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