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Surname Collar - Meaning and Origin

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Collar: What does the surname Collar mean?

The surname Collar derives from the Old French term "colier," which means "necklace" or "collar." It was traditionally an occupational name given to a maker or seller of collars, or to someone who dressed hair, implying jewelry or adornment. The surname may have also been used for someone who wore a distinctive collar as a symbol of office or a collar worker, such as a shepherd or a herdsman. The name could have also been associated with collar makers for animals, for instance horses. This suggests the person’s ancestors were involved in these professions in some way. Variations of the surname include Collard, Coller, and Collier. The surname is fairly common in the United Kingdom, Australia, and specific parts of the United States. Like many surnames, the spelling and meaning may have evolved or been altered over time. Always keep in mind that surname meanings can be fluid and open to interpretation based on culture, language, and time period.

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Collar: Where does the name Collar come from?

The surname Collar is of Scottish origin. Its roots can be traced back to the ancient Dalriadan clans of Scotland's west coast and Hebrides islands. The name is derived from the personal name "Collegan" and means "young Colin or young cub." Another theory suggests the surname could be derived from the Gaelic "cuilean," meaning "whelp," or "pup." This name was given to a young man who was considered to be quick and daring.

In its various forms, Collar and its related spellings (such as Collard, Collar, Coller, etc.) have spread throughout the world due to migration and the colonization efforts of the British Empire. Today, it is found spread throughout countries like England, Scotland, and the United States. According to public records, it is most common in the United States, specifically in the states of Texas, California, and Michigan. While not the most numerous, the surname has a substantial presence and stands as a testament to the historical influence of the Scottish people.

Variations of the surname Collar

The surname Collar is believed to be of English origin and has various associated spellings and variants. Some of these include Coller, Collor, Coler, Collard, and Collier.

Collard is likely the most common variant, derived from the Middle English term coller, meaning 'collar'. This could have been used as a nickname for someone who habitually wore a distinctive collar, or possibly for a maker of collars.

Collier could have been derived from a similar origin but traditionally, it signified someone who was a coal miner or dealer.

In addition it could also indicate regional differences or personal or familial preferences in spelling across different periods of history.

There are also non-English variants of the surname depending on the country of origin, for example, the Spanish variant Collado or the French variant Collier.

It is also worth mentioning that the spelling and variants of a name can change drastically over time and across different regions due to migration, evolution of language, or clerical errors in documentation. Hence, more variants and spellings could exist that aren’t listed here.

Famous people with the name Collar

There do not appear to be many well-known individuals with the last name Collar. There is Nick Collar, an artist and writer known for his work with various board games and as a concept artist for a few video games. There is also Jo Collar, a Kiwi rugby union player who played for South Canterbury Union. However, it should be noted that these individuals may not be universally recognized or famous, as the recognition of their fame could depend on one's interest in board games, video games, or rugby. Additionally, there is Alex Collar, an actor known for his roles in various short films and some TV series.

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